Time Lapse of Airbrushed Jules from Pulp Fiction. Artwork Creation Video

in art •  last year

"I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?" - Jules, Pulp Fiction

Helloooooooo Steemians

Today I have another time lapse video for your enjoyment! This piece is of Jules from Pulp Fiction played by the great Samuel L. Jackson on some recycled timber. (Do I seem like I'm in a good mood? I literally just got back from a run so I feel good)

This is a very large piece, about 1.1 meters by 1.1. meters.


Check out the time lapse! And see further down for what I used to paint this.

For this piece I used my trusty Badger 155 airbrush and wicked colors airbrush paint...


Thanks for looking! I'm fairly new to videography, was it too long? Any feedback would be great!



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Great post and wonderful video ...thanks for this


Thank you


welcome do keep it up
also check my blog for my new posts..need support /comment there...

wow great video .. thank you for sharing


Thank you

This gentleman looks awesome. I think it would go perfectly in my cave. Maybe you could do one of me sometime?


Hahaha...funny response but love it anyways. You seem to be a fan of Samuel L. Jackson?


I believe this man to be from a different universe so no, I don't know the man.


Haha thanks guys

Wow, the painting is sensational amazing !!
For the video depends who ask if someone was watching to pick up some hints on technique would probably be perfect for some like me just wanted to see the project from start to finish a little quicker is probably better I found myself fast forwarding a little
Keep up the good tho look forward to seeing more of your stuff


Yeah my initial thought was i may have made it a little too long, the next one i will speed up a bit

Great video


Thank you

Wow! That's some extreme talent! Great work


Cheers, thanks for looking

You are talented! Samuel L. Jackson is very nice ! I follow you.


Thank you very much

Well done, that is very impressive art you did here. Funnily I also published an article about Samuel L. Jackson today but memory techniques instead of drawing.

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