#1 entry - Trial By Comics - Magic the gathering - Ajani Goldmane

in art •  9 months ago

Hello guys,

This my first entry of the #trialbycomics contest hosted by @kommienezuspadt this time the theme is Magic: The Gathering so i choose Ajani Goldmane, i hope you like it :) see you in the next one

AJANI Goldmane justmousepixels step 11.jpg


AJANI Goldmane justmousepixels step 1.jpg

AJANI Goldmane justmousepixels step 2.jpg

AJANI Goldmane justmousepixels step 3.jpg

AJANI Goldmane justmousepixels step 4.jpg

AJANI Goldmane justmousepixels step 5.jpg

AJANI Goldmane justmousepixels step 6.jpg

AJANI Goldmane justmousepixels step 7.jpg

AJANI Goldmane justmousepixels step 8.jpg

AJANI Goldmane justmousepixels step 9.jpg

AJANI Goldmane justmousepixels step 10.jpg

AJANI Goldmane justmousepixels step 11.jpg

Thank you all for your support :)

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Fantastic! Great job!

This is awesome I like how each color fades into the next but still stands out so well.

I like your entry check out mine. https://steemit.com/trialbycomics/@isteemithard/thassa-god-of-the-sea-magic-the-gathering-drawing-challenge-by-kommienezuspadt-art-by-isteemithard

this is magical @justmousepixels :)


Thank you :)

Such skills ! Great job !

Wow, really incredible! The light is gorgeous. And that face is so spot on.

I'm going to have to make sure I can come up with a chunk of time to do a more finished second entry! LOL


Thank you :) It took me a long time to finish this one , im already painting my second entry i hope i can find time to finish it ... i can't wait to see your next entry good luck :)

OMG this is incredible! Your painting skills are just impressive.... congrats!

This is going to be damn near impossible to beat @justmousepixels! Absolutely incredible! Thank you for participating.

This is just like Thanos... I don't understand how do you imagine this thing going in your head while creating it... I mean at the start it is just a bunch of brushes here and there... and then some black marks...

I mean it's brilliant... but HOW??

I don't know man, I am just in awe


Yeah, I'm with you @flide! I loved the Thanos entry @justmousepixels did last week and missed winning by half an eyelash. I could watch this process all day. I'm about to move in to more color work and I'll be referencing these a lot.


Thanks :) actually i didn't know any of magic the gathering characters so i did a search for reference

Great technique! thank you for posting your process steps, its really quite incredible how you build all the details.


You started with a purple base but as you go along that has been covered with other layers of colors. Can you use any color for that purpose? I am curious to know. Thanks.


Thanks ! yes you can use other colors, im actually using it for blocking the silhouette


Oh I see. Thank you for making it clear to me.

Wow tremendous talent, I love how you stay.


Thank you :)

Ugh, my heart. This came out so good!


Thank you :)

Amazing! Love that you let us watch it come to life.