Ocean of Art 78! Dive in and discover some promising new Steemit artists / Minnowsupport Curation Team

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To help promote and improve the artistic community here on Steemit I am doing a weekly curation! Most of the artists I have chosen are still minnows and are waiting to be discovered and others that I will feature have just plain impressed me! All of these posts will be voted on by me and also our curation account msp-curation :)

@jankasparec made this post showing us progress on his painting "God's Eye 2", he has just added three pegasus Because Divine always manifests as trinity. I highly suggest taking a look at his work as it is absolutely beautiful:


@teenyade showed us this piece titled Blood and Drug, I love the mix of sketchiness and painting, black and white plus color, it's very fun!



@yadamaniart always makes something eye catching for my feed and this scuptural piece titled Good Friends is no exception:


I don't usually feature photography but I thought this post from @ultravioletmag was very cool, her photo was used as a book cover :)


Last up is @patschwork, in this post they use a mix of photography and digital manipulations to create these really cool painterly images:


If you enjoyed these artists please give them a follow and some encouragement!
I would like to invite all the artists featured and those who are reading this to join the Minnowsupport Project! It's a great way to network, gain followers and chat with your peers in a more relaxed environment https://discord.gg/p5tYmdW

See my last curation: Ocean of Art 77

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thank you so much for the mention Julia!

thankyou! <3

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