ART EXPLOSION WEEK 48 / Extension due to hard fork and prize rollover

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Hello artists!

As I'm sure you all know the last two weeks on Steemit have been a bit difficult, with the accidental early fork and the actual HF happening. VP was dropped and problems with resource credits meant that a lot of people didn't post or vote very much due to technical difficulties so I am extending the theme SELF until next Saturday for submissions.

The new deadline is Saturday, October 6th, 3PM EST.

The prizes from last week were delayed and went out yesterday and it was brought to my attention that one piece was found to be in breach of the spirit of the contest as it was not an original composition. I have awarded the other artists a little more in prizes and will roll the rest forward, making the pool now 50 STEEM.

This is something we need to talk about... ORIGINAL ART

When we judge the contest we look at various factors and since art is so subjective it is not easy, but there are a few definite things we look for. We look at respect or relation to the theme, we look to see if there is a process, we assess how it makes us feel and we judge the artistic merits of the piece looking at originality and creativity.

We do our best to reverse image search winners to make sure the art is not lifted from someone else as we want to reward creativity.

It has happened several times that after choosing the winners, it has been brought to our attention that the art is not original. This has varying shades of grey from outright stolen, to stolen and slightly altered, to completely made by the artist but basically copied from someone else. Obviously straight up stealing someone else's art will disqualify you. Now to the grey part: doing a study or replica of someone else's art is a fantastic way to learn and increase your technical competence, and I have even done so myself for practice. Despite my views on studies a contest focussed on original art is not the place to be displaying those works. Also if you are doing a study you should cite the original artist and make it clear to the viewer that this is the case.

Unfortunately we can't always find everything and this has sadly led to the judging being more stressful than I would like, but I am thankful to those who help because it takes a whole community :D

In closing:

Please submit original art only! That means the idea came from your brain and the execution happened through your own body, it is pretty simple!

Thank you and we look forward to the rest of the entries.

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To give a bit more encouragement to those returning, I'm sending you 10 STEEM for the prize pool.


Thank you Eturnerx that's very nice of you hugs!

Hello friend @juliakponford, today I offer my apologies for the mistake I made when using a digital illustration reference and recreate it with my drawing style, I did not do it with bad intentions, for some time I have seen in the contest "artexplosion" based presentations in images extracted from the web, as for example in the theme of mythology, many artists recreated characters using images taken from the network as a reference, it is well that the rules of the contest are clarified with this incident, the art in the future must be original and completely genuine, today happened to me, but it could happen to anyone, I assume my responsibility and my desire is to vindicate myself before all, I consider myself a draftsman with a lot of responsibility and I have worked hard in my works to contribute and share my technique and step by step with everyone here, today my mistake many here will be aware of what is accepted in the guidelines of the contest, the difficult thing is not to fall as hard is get up and take our mistakes and learn to overcome and move forward, I apologize to all the artists who live in "artexplosion" wishing them many successes, art is life and gives joy to the world, greetings @juliakponford, and do not feel bad for this, I understand your position as organizer of the contest, the mistake was mine.


Thank you for understanding, I can see clearly you have a great talent and technique, we just all need to be upfront about our inspirations and references! I'm sure this kind of thing has slipped under the radar before but I hope to make the point more clear for everyone that we value originality the most :)


Thanks friend @juliakponford, we will continue drawing, having fun and most importantly sharing our experiences with the technique of drawing, in your contest "Artexplosion" greetings.

It's a shame that to win do that kind of thing like stealing designs or works of art from other artists and make them happen as theirs when they have great variety to get even more creative designs


He owned up to it and I think that shows good character, I am always willing to give second chances to people who deserve it!


I agree. I imagine that it must feel wrong if you do something like that.

I hope to maybe gather some time to participate myself I have portraits of myself but they're not recent and I think it's one of the conditions? Maybe I have time to doodle myself anew though. I'll try!

Hope everything goes well for this weeks art contest. Cheers!

Does the art have to be made during this week, or at anytime in the past?


Hi Hypexals, yes new art only is detailed in the original post with all the rules, I want the contest to inspire people to create something :)

Thank you for the extension. So glad... I will now calm down and finish up my piece that I have been working on.

For those stealing other people's work, that's so bad of you.

Great, the truth is if the participation in this edition of the competition was quite loose, there are usually many great drawings to admire from both new and veteran artists within the community.

It's been too long since I entered last. I'll do my best to conjure something.

Hello @juliakponsford I certainly had difficulties to publish my post last week so it was a pleasant surprise that was granted a week extension to those of us who could not upload our work. Here I leave the link of my post to participate in the art explosion week n°48


Great, I'm happy the extension is allowing more people to submit!

Hello @juliakponsford, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

I completed this one in the last few days. I wanted to make something that celebrated the recent hard fork.

It has variations, but I would like to submit this main one.

Thanks :-)



Great thanks for joining! This looks ferocious :)


Yeah...that was my intension.

Thanks for accepting my entry.

OHH YEAH...!!! i runed of time and I lost the deadline.... hopping be able to submit sometime later today...


Great well you have until saturday :)