BOINC Radio Banner Bounty - 50 USD Available to Claim

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An opportunity is open for a visual designer to create a few pieces for a podcast called BOINC Radio.

Job outline

You will be required to make two banners containing information on the BOINC Radio podcast. A specifications document has been drafted as a guide and set of requirements.

You must design these banners according to the outline of the document and requirements below in order to complete this task.

Payment methods

Upon satisfactory completion of the task, you will receive the equivalent of $50 USD via one of the following methods:

  1. Direct cryptocurrency with LBRY Credits

  2. Direct cryptocurrency with GRC

Required experience

Any level of visual designer is welcome to attempt this commission.


  • Your content must pass our review process and satisfy outlined conditions in the specifications document provided.

  • Your content must not be the works of another party apart from the logo resources provided within the specifications document.


Talk to @jringo or @delta1512 on the BOINC Network Discord server.

This banner commission is funded by

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What are the copyright specifications for the banner? Under what license should it be released?

Good point! We will discuss this with whomever completes the bounty