Growing over time

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Hi lovelies...
It's a beautiful new month, and i wouldn't wish for anything more than a fair share of life, a bunch of sweet memories that'll trigger beautiful smiles, and all the good things of life for family and friends.

personal growth
Just as time flies, so has my passion and skills.
Just yesterday, i was leaning over my drawing board, looking out for ways i could possibly develop my skills, yet there wasn't much evidence to show for all the effort i'd put in.
Over time, I've seen myself walking out of my comfort zone, taking some steps forward and aiming at credible progress.
Sounds like some sort of huge achievement and i wouldn't be less grateful than i am for the grace 😆

While looking through my portfolio, i came across this piece i made from last year, here's the reference;

imported files 154.png
photo source: instagram

i wouldn't say it was exactly my best, but i know for sure that i'd put in every single effort to have it come out as good as possible, but then there are those times when you can't have it all and i guess this was one good example....
What to do? I'd actually exhausted all the skills i could think of.

Well.... The boderline is; there's always a chance to work out for better results and at such, every new day's got me growing past my previous level and I'm ever grateful for the grace.
BTW:nothing good comes easy
Happy new month steemians🎉🎉

Thanks for reading, much love


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This looks good. Great artist!

Thanks hun hugs

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Very beautiful artwork @joyart, a wonderful likeness ❣️

A very beautiful artwork @joyart
It's really a stunning picture :)

Thanks so much friend

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