The Sweet Smell of Crypto

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Who can resist the invigorating aroma of cryptocurrency mined through the persistent pumping of nasal passages? Finally, having a runny nose can lead to great profits! Breathe deep the smell of crypto-abundance.

Only 1 copy of this crypto-collectible exists on the Ethereum blockchain. That means only 1 person at a time can own the digital edition that I have issued. You can buy this rare digital art on the SuperRare marketplace--if you have the nose for it.

I came up with the idea for this crypto-art comic while driving home from an inspiring meeting at Cal State LA. That meeting had nothing to do with art or crypto. In fact it was a faith-based meeting which left me feeling grateful and extra excited about life. It was in the aftermath of this gathering that a totally unrelated and comical thought just popped into my mind. I actually consider it a fun bonus-present from God: that I was allowed to have a humorous vision of a person whose schnoz was being used to generate cryptocurrency.

Being so fond of the silliness of such a nasal crypto-miner that I had imagined, I immediately sketched a very rough draft of the concept while at a peaceful Southern California stoplight. My old smartphone with stylus came in quite handy for this quick sketching task. In fact, I used the original rough draft, drawn hastily on my phone (a Samsung Note 3), as the bottom layer of the same file on which I drew the final digital animation for this comic.

The program I used to draw this on my phone is called Autodesk SketchBook for Galaxy. I have cranked out a ton of drawings and finished artwork on this program, which came free with my phone. So it is definitely one of the best art tools I have ever acquired and used frequently.

Joe Chiappetta


ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Now that's making the most of your energy! 😄

Yes I suppose I have a nose for maximizing such things.

Hah! This is awesome. Makes me think that one day a pacemaker might be used to mine crypo or something crazy like that

Thanks! And good observation. That really could happen!

Soon that day is near too to power up the mining rig lol

Perhaps people will start wearing them for Halloween too.

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