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Masking and Removing Paint

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Post by @jnart
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@marty-arts, @jungwatercolor and @jnart are together producing basic watercolor tutorial for Steemit. Our common name is @water-art.

I was inspired to make a video by my counterparts. The sun was shining (a rare occasion this spring in Sweden) so I thought I sit outside.

The video first guide you through how to use masking fluid and masking tape. Then I continue with tips on how to remove paint when it has dried on the paper.

Just tell me if you don't get any passage and I'll explain more. I wanted to edit the movie more but had no time and I'm currently posting while traveling. Hope you get the information anyway.

I forgot to show one important method of removing paint when it has dried. If you use non staining colors and certain papers you can add water to the paper and loosen the paint from the paper. Afterwards it is possible to suck up the paint with a pencil or towel.

And one more thing, use synthetic brushes when you use masking fluid. Natural brushes are ruined much quicker



Hope you enjoyed!

Theme of my next one is not set...

You can order portraits via my website: http://jnart.se/hem. Paying with crypto currency is possible.

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That is really amazing Magic Tools,, And also beautiful video,,art photography,,, thanks for sharing with us


Resteem done


Welcome! Cheers!

Awesome video! It's fun to enjoy. Extraordinary ability to combine colors! So Cool! Thank you @jnart already sharing knowledge about the art of combining colors & "How to use masking tape and masking tape. Then I continue with tips on how to remove paint when it is dry on paper."
Have a wonderful day @jnart!


Your welcome! Glad you liked it

You really are doing an amazing job sharing your skills. I love masking too, I haven't done it in years, but it is fun.


Glad you like it! I learn a lot too!

Hello! I consider watercolor a complex technique, because it has very important lightness, transparency and airiness. Not many artists can retain these properties and at the same time convey the plot, volume, texture.

I like the technique of oil pastels. If you're interested, my blog has my works. I also like working with ink. I'm trying to get to know the artists on Steimite, and I really like learning new things and talking about art. If you have similar interests, subscribe to my blog and I will agree in return. Thank you. Good luck!


Nice presentation! I already follow you. I'm sure we can learn lots from each other :)


Yeah ))) I remember you from the avatar ))) I do not understand what it is you, when I saw a post on followers, there is no avatar )))) But now I know your real face (a beautiful hairstyle!). Good night and inspiration for new pictures next week!

Awesome post! Personally I've used the masking tape before, maybe not the same as yours, but it worked. Never tried fluid before.^^

A fun (messy) version in middleschool was using wax: so you paing a background, then scrub wax and then paint a thick layer of gouache (I think) over. In the end you scrape what you want, a fun way to make colorful galaxies :D

And now I have to try this again, as it was soo fun to do as a kid xD


Ha ha, show the results when when you've come back to your grown up self :D and me, I'm going for wax hunt


Haha will do! Just not right away don't have wax, candles or gouache at the moment. xD I will test acrylics if they can substitute. ^^

very good video, clear explanation, useful info and easy steps!


Your welcome! Glad you enjoyed!

Wow! So Cool!

The video first guide you through how to use masking fluid and masking tape. Then I continue with tips on how to remove paint when it has dried on the paper.


Thank you @jnart for providing the solution! Very happy!



Thanks a lot :) inspiration for new ones!

Useful video!

I have fluid mask, but never used it because I didn't know what to do with it and didn't want to ruin my brush, but you helped me! Excellent tips - I'm sure it'll help many of us. :)

Thanks and cheers!


Thanks! <3

Good work done by men and I think it is not as easy as we think and it really takes effort and creativity and you really show it and I really like how you use different things to create amazing works of art.
thumb is always @jnart


Thanks a lot!

Hi brother.

I do not know what your creecia is. but I would love to see a painting of Jesus Christ made by you.


Hi! You han order one any time :) just email me jnart.nu@gmail.com

thank you @ jnart this is very valuable information for us beginners to create beautiful paintings and pictures like you.
thanks again for the tutorial vidionya


I love to share the knowledge!

Great job done man and in my opinion this stuff is not that is easy as we think and it's really need efforts and creativity and you literally showed that and i really liked how you used different stuff to make an awesome art work. Thanks for sharing this tutorial and keep doing the great work. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂


Stay blessed u2 :)


Thank you so much. 🙂

this is great and helpful ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ ...
i work with watercolors and used masking but not so much ,

followed you



Wonderful Art ♡


I like to find interesting images or objects, but I find it hard to see the light in the paintings, I do not find things that make me amaze your daydream do well.
You post is good



what a great story you are, do not know anymore I have to say thank you @jnart


Ha ha, what do you mean?

nice post . you got 100.00% upvote from @shihab1997