Thanos, Reimagined with Infinity Stones by Irene Neuwirth

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Dear Steemians,

I was away for a while, but was working on a some personal 3D projects, dubbing into Likeness Sculpting und a little more object modeling. So I'll be starting with this "Thanos" related piece, which is a work in progress piece.

The jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth designed 'Infinity Gauntlet' themed rings and I loved the look of it and decided to recreate those with Blender.


3D Recreation

I created the character with ZBrush and modeled the jewelry in Blender, rendered with Cycles Engine. For the final render, I changed up the order of the gems to fit the original position of the Infinity Stones.


jewelry1 3 Kopie.png

Hope you like it and stay tuned!
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Until next time!

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nice work.

Thank you:)

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the work is fabulous!!!!

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thank you.this is nice work

Wow I love this!✌️

This look fabulous man!!


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This beautiful and very creative and original

what is Thanos name meaning ?

Good work

Please don't allow her to snap her fingers mid-argument/debate ;)


Wow this is an amazing peice of artwork.

it's a beautiful job with those stones

I really like it! The texture and feel of the skin though! Great job :)

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Wow they look awesome.

Takes a bit of the power allure with the hands being so delicate.
I like the fact that someone designed actual jewelry around the stones though.