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It Starts With A Story 📖


Me and my friend were talking about anime, manga and story
writing. He shared his story which was very good and had an interesting twist that I did not expect.

The Unity of Art and Imagination 💭

🤔Thoughts to ponder💭

For this contest I would like to emphasize this exercise of interpreting stories for an illustration:

"As a good practice on being an artist, interpreting illustrations for stories is one important aspect in visual arts."

This could land you a job one day, useful to guide and inspire future readers of which will be looking at your art and saying...

"Wow I wish I could draw like this"

just like I did when I was young, looking at fairytale books and bedtime stories.

"Arts and imagination cannot be pulled apart from one another"
Let's learn to stretch our imaginations and spark more creativity.

The twist for this contest in turn, is to make an illustration for a story, rather than just a regular one word theme.

🔎Eyes open and let us read the plot of the story.

A story by Bar Yosipovich
The story begins with a Samurai, during his 20s he served fighting his Emperors wars. Among 3000 of the Emperors samurais, he was one of the remaining 10. As an honour and for his old age he was given a mansion and a young wife as a gift for his loyalty and service all those years.

One day, the mansion caught fire while he was away. The samurai, seeing it from afar he rushed back to the burning mansion. It was too late when he reached the place; he found only the corpse of his wife and what was supposed to be his child.

In his grief he held the body close to him and it suddenly turned into ashes and from it, a small dragon came forth.

The new young emperor came to his aid and when he saw the dragon he wanted it for himself. The samurai refused and fought the emperor’s guards and escaped with the dragon.

They flee from the emperor, from Japan and went to other foreign and strange lands travelling across Asia and meeting adventure and escaping from other enemies in China who chased the samurai knowing he is the emperor’s soldier.

Many nation wars took place and they faced battles with creatures like the giant war elephants of Thailand and the giant wolf of Mongolia and travelling to new places like India, Taiwan, Mongolia and the Philippines.🐉


🐉A small baby dragon sitting on samurai shoulder or hand🗡️

Rules: ☑️❎

🗡️ You must upvote and resteem this post
🗡️ The art must be original and new
🗡️ You must create a post with work in progress pictures and comment the link to your post below
🗡️ Can be any medium
🗡️ Can be anime style
🗡️ Deadline of submission is on payout
🗡️ Late entries can be featured but will lose chance to win prizes: time management is important
🗡️ One entry per person
🗡️ Title: drawing with a twist #2: (add what you like next)
🗡️ Tag must be: artguildph



Let creativity and imagination run free 🔎☝️✈️🎨

Enjoy and let the best artwork win!

Thank you very much
I am looking forward to seeing the entries! And my friend Bar is excited to see it too 🍀

Oh! And please vote for your witnesses ☝️🔎

For more contests, art and inspiring blogs, visit☑️

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See you in a weeks time☝️
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Awwww you added some background! Wow! Nice

Not the best but i tried 😅

but youre really talented and skilled :D


Hello Jaz, here's my entry for this contest 💚

The Samurai and the Dragon

Thank you for hosting this kind of drawing stuff :) I really like to draw more albut I got no motivation, thanks to your post I got it back haha 🐇😆

Hello Sis @jacinta.sevilla. Here is my entry. Thank you so much for giving us the opportuniy to show our talent but of course you are more talented. Hehe. More power and God bless!



Hiiiii 🎐🎨 thank you for joining and showing your love for arts.
Thanks for the kind comments ✌️🎉🀄🐉🐲🆗🌻💮

"With a Twist" is back with all the char. Haha. I will think about entering. Nice story!

Upvoted and resteemed.

Whoa, I'm in :)

Sounds great! Pls do and thank you!!!!

Sounds great! Pls do and thank you!!!!

Hi, here's my entry and the link


OMG! Our college icon! I want to join sana maisingit sa time. Hoho

Oo khit simple lng :)

Hello Maam @jacinta.sevilla here is my entry for your Drawing With a Twist contest. Thank you.

I really like Jeembob's entry, so much sadness, and story telling...

Here's my entry. I conveniently forgot to make him old, as I rather enjoy painting muscles instead... :)


Wait let me pick my jaw from the floor :O
Whatta!!!!!!!! Superb

Uh, I wish to withdraw from this competition....

Seriously so COOL.

Lol xD we are not worthy xD hahaha yes it s so awesome

It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it... but here's my entry


awwwwwwwwwww ill check it out now! thank you!

Aw! Love the art but i dont know how you do that lines and colors complementing each other... left traces even add beauty to it... nice one @noellesevilla goodluck..

To be honest I don't know how i figure out the lines and color. Haha. Depends on what looks good as I'm drawing it. Thanks @esmeescobar! Best of luck to us!

Same as here @noellesevilla. Mostly of my sketches i hav no idea where it gonna take me and end up i just followed the flow of it haha.

Wow turned out great.

You know I can only draw Jasmine he he. Hope this will be successful.

sali ka sa next contest hahahah xD yung for the non artist!

Will give it a try!

Yayyyy thank youuuu :)

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Agay kalisod hahaha

Kaya yan!

magandang contest to...

Salamat po! :D

Hi. Here is my entry for the contest. Thank you for this wonderful event!


Nice one @qyugmo.. goodluck... upvoted and resteem...

Thanks @esmeescobar

Sali ako maam Jas...

post mo po dito ang link and photo!

Wala akong laban 😂😂😂

Nasa idea yan hehe

First time visited to ur blog. got a contest . Nice

Will you be joining? Hehe thank you :)

very good I like it

Thanks 🗡️☝️ hehe pls joinnnnn haha

This is very nice ma'am but I am not a good artist. Sobbs.


Do your best and try :)

drawing this ASAP

So cool thank you for joining!


I'll definitely be joining! Upvoted and resteemed :)

That's so sweeeet d'awwwwwwwww
Yayyyyyyyy ☝️🎨🦄✨🌷 thanks


I’m so pumped up for this!!!
I just hope time will allow me to join.

O- t- a- k - u

Switch on!!!!

You definitely should!!!! Excited to see it Nikki!

cool! looking forward to join :)

So cool :D thanks looking forward to see everyones entries

ayaw ko ng magsabing sumali dahil di ako marunong., hahaha

Parang nag iecho boses ko 😂

Kaya nio yan!

Still thinking about how to start it. @[email protected] dragons. dragons. dragoooons.

Just draw it any way u like