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"Competition Both Performed And Judged By The Artists"

Monthly 100 STEEM in Rewards | Auditions Opened (From 21.2 - 05.03)

Created By: @ivan.atman

Supported By Witnesses @gtg and @fbslo

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Welcome to the opening post of the iTalent contest here on Steemit. This contests is made for everybody that has worked and improved it's own talent throughout the years. I myself am an artist that spent just 2 months here on Steemit, but I have gained so much respect towards this amazing platform and it's enormous potential to improve lives of many people and artist included. I believe enough to give all of my earnings I've gotten so far towards this initiative. This contest is a bit different from what you normally see here on Steemit (with all due respect to other contests) because it is a long term relationship between all of the artists/contestants and has Auditions before the competition to ensure that only real artists have a chance to win, and not copycats or spammers. Voting will be done by artists/contestants themselves between each other via a fair voting system (no judges or upvote count) you can read more about it below. I'm planning to make a standalone app for this contest, which will make things much easier, my coder/programmer friends assured me that it is not that difficult to make but it costs some money, so if the contest gets enough light and support that is exactly what I will do.
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If you want to enroll for the Audition now, post your art in the comments below, I suggest you too read the contest rules first - Please check my "iTalent Rules Post" via link below:
For live help and any questions regarding the "iTalent Contest" you can join the discord group via this link:

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Categories and Rewards:

There are three categories on the iTalent contest, each one is being rewarded separately. A full description of which talent falls into which category can be found further below. Rewards for the contest will start at 45 STEEM per contest, 15 STEEM per category (with some surprise rewards along the way)

Just so there is no confusion here is a very simple example below:

CATEGORYAuditory ArtsVisual ArtsPerforming Arts

All of the rewards come out from my own pocket for now, but @gtg and @fbslo have decided to support me along the way, every support that this competition gets will be recirculated to improve the reward pool of the contest.

See the full description of the iTalent categories below...

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VISUAL ARTS category is for anybody presenting an art piece that is either handcrafted/drawn by hands, or created/recorded by digital media including:

Category tagg is #visual-arts

  • Filmmaking / Videomaking
  • Animated Video
  • Photography
  • Painting / Drawing
  • Sculpturing
  • Sand Animation
  • Ceramics / Pottery
  • Graphic Design
  • Crafts
  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • Decorative Art
  • Poetry / Songwriting
  • Costume / Make Up

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AUDITORY ARTS category/tagg is for anybody presenting art in a form of
Music or a Sound Design including:

Category tagg is #auditory-arts

  • Singing / Rapping
  • Playing a Instrument
  • Ethno / World Traditional Music
  • EP or Album presentation
  • Classical Music Compositions
  • Sound Design / Soundtrack
  • Beatmaking
  • Musicals
  • Experimental Sound / Industrial
  • Conceptual Music
  • Beatboxing
  • Original Instrument

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PERFORMING ARTS category is for anybody presenting performance that is either presented to live audience or includes a performance act:

Category tagg is #performing-arts

  • Dance / Choreography
  • Ethno / World Traditional Performing Arts
  • Gymnastics / Contortion
  • Stage Magic / Illusion
  • Street Performance
  • Performance Poetry
  • Live Audience Performance
  • Installation Art
  • Impromptu / Improv Act
  • Live Theatre / Opera
  • Circus / Acrobatics
  • Act (drama) / Plays
  • Spoken Word / Poetry Reading
  • Conceptual Art
  • Stand Up Comedy
  • Flash Mob
  • Pole Dancing
  • Martial Arts

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So How Does The iTalent Contest Work?


iTalent doesn't work in the "once a week" formula, and it has three phases per competition, a competition that lasts 15 days in total. One competition will have an assignment, specific goal or a theme, and another will be for covers/personal originals. First episode of the iTalent will be for covers and personal originals to get things going, and also first Audition (Entry Phase) that will usually last for 5 days will last from today February 21'st until the March 5'th, this is because everybody needs to hear about the iTalent first, so the number of entries provides a fair and interesting voting.

1. Entry Phase (Audition)

There is a lot of spam on Steemit regarding art plagiarism and fake entries, and Audition phase will sift them out so there is no confusion later on.

  • In this phase everybody who wants to enter the contest, enters their art/performance in the comments section of the iTalent announcement post
  • Everybody has 5 DAYS to enter the Audition from the day that iTalent announced the competition started (because the competition just started and the competition naturally needs to get some attention to make everything right, first auditions are from today February 21'st until the March 5'th)

(everybody can enter 3 times, but only with 1 entry per category)

2. Qualifying Phase (Voting For Entries)

After everyone entered the contest the voting starts, and lasts for 5 days,
on the last day iTalent Team will count the votes and announce the artists/performers that have qualified to compete for the reward.

(if you don't vote for others, you cannot pass to the final phase, even if you get enough votes to do so)

3. Final Phase (Voting For Qualified Entries)

In this phase all of the contestants vote for the best art/performance that qualified in the comments section of the "Finalists Announcement Post"
(if you haven't made it to the finals you still have to vote, if you don't you will not be eligible for the next contest)

  • Whilst everybody votes for the winner, finalists can provide another art/performance and not the same they auditioned with to gain extra 10% of the overall points

  • If a finalists entered more categories than one, they must decide in which category they want to compete for the finals

Voting is always done by the contestants themselves, never by iTalent Team or non-contestants

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To improve the authenticity of the content that artists provide as an entry to the iTalent competition, I've designed a voting system that will discourage people to beg for points, or team up between each other. Voting is done in the comments section of the current iTalent post, you must vote for 6 performers by providing them points and insights, you must find six performers that deserved (by your opinion) something from below:

Point/Insight Awards:
(5 Points) (3 Points) (1 Point) (Creativity) (Originality) (Technicality)

And decide who deserves what, you cannot give the same award twice or give two awards to the same performer, every award goes to only one performer

(attention all of the accounts in the example are purely symbolic)
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Comments Vote Example.png

Just Green Line (Absolute).png

As you can see in the example above you cannot give points to whom you already gave insights and vice versa. This is because insights serve as a counteract to the points

(the reason for this rule is to engage a voting balance, you can support your true favorite performers with the most points, but insights will have to come from elsewhere to confirm a truly unanimous public opinion)


Points are simply added up by the iTalent Team on the last day of the Audition (Voting) or Final (Voting) phase of the contest

  • To ensure absolute fairness, the votes are recorded by the screenshot software (video) and posted in the winner announcement post, this is done just to make sure if somebody goes and tries to change/edit their comment/vote in the last minute for some reason to try to disapprove of the votes counted by the iTalent Team.


There are three insights Creativity - Originality - Technicality
Each insight gives the contestant that had it most attributed to him an additional 20% of the whole points pool (so not from the reward pool but an additional 20% that is measured by the full amout of points in the contest)

So for example, let's say that there is 50 people voting in the contest, that would amount to 400 points in total, 20% of that is 80 points, this means that whoever gets most insight votes gets an additional 80 points in that case

So in actuality the contest that has 50 people voting has 400 points + 3 x 80 from insights, amounting to 640 points in total.

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Voting System Conclusion:

As you can see it is "almost" impossible to rig the votes with this voting system, and this will ensure that both the reward and the attention goes to the ones that truly deserved it the most.
No contest judges that decide for everybody what is good or not, no upvote count that can be manipulated by misuse of upvote bots and no nominations that get lost so quickly and is hard to keep track of. Just simply a fair contest judged by the people, artist judging artists because artists know art the best themselves. The points/insight counter balance will also entice voters/artists to find more value in not just one but several performers.

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Hi @ivan.atman, very interesting ideas for a contest, creative structure. Can entries be chosen from the best of what one has already posted here on Steemit, or are we required to make something new?

Hey @bennettitalia how's it going, nice to see you here man 😉

  • You have to make a specific post for the iTalent contest and a new video presentation, it can be something you already done on Steemit, but it just has to be a fresh performance
  • You need to say what episode and phase it is at the beginning of the video
    (now it is Episode 1, and the phase is Audition)
    also what category you are entering, like in the example below

"This is my entry for the iTalent Contest Auditions, Episode 1 - Auditory Arts..."

You Can Read iTalent Rules Here

cool! Thanks Ivan :)

WOW! This is really carefully and in detail arranged and planned out. I have a feeling it will be a great success. I am still wondering wheater to enter it or not, not sure if my work is good enough to be there hihihihi :)
Good luck with this! 💚

Thank you @zen-art it is always good to try your best and see how it goes, looking forward to see you here :)

@ivan-atman this post was presented at the morning session of Pimp Your Post Thursday on the Steemit Ramble Discord. It was one of five choosen for the video report on the session. Just stopping back to let you know that you can see your name in lights right here. (Just kidding about the lights :)

Thank you @shadowspub amazing show you run 😉 see you next time

Here is my entry
Hope you 'll like it :)

@mashiliyanage All rules have been met, and you have successfully enrolled the #italent

Entry (Audition) phase in the PERFORMING ARTS category

Current phase of the competition lasts from 21.02 - 05.03
Qualifying phase Voting For Audition Entries will be held from 05.03 - 10.03
Final Phase Voting For Qualified Entries will be held from 10.03 - 15.03

Got it, thanks!

cool! I definitely want to get involved - is there a theme or anything for each round or is it totally open ended? How about deadlines per round? And is this the first round post here?

Hello @derosnec glad to hear you want to be a part of the iTalent contest 😉

  • yes there will be rounds with themes and rounds where anything goes, rounds are called episodes for the sake of avoiding confusion, because the competition already has phases like "Audition" "Audition (Voting)" "Finals (Voting)"
  • Deadlines are 5 days per phase, so usually Audition will last just 5 days but from 21.02 untill 05.03 there are prolonged Auditions to gather enough entries because the contest is just started and need promotion
  • Yes this is a first round "Episode 1" post where you can enter for the prolonged auditions 21.02 - 05.03 don't forget to read the rules first

You Can Read iTalent Rules Here

What a fabulous idea! Very well thought out as well, respect!
I also want to congratulate you on becoming a father @ivan.atman, sorry for being so late!
Much love & huggins to you & your family <3

Its never too late, thank you 😃 @d-vine I am glad you feel that way about the contest, hope to see you participate <3

You are so welcome!!
I defo will, this sounds like a good concept! Maybe a crazy analog session from @jeffleinwand & I!
Huggins <3

great idea, it deserve more than a vote... resteem!

I'm grateful for your consideration @el-cr appreciate the resteem 😉

Svaka ti čast imenjače, odličan contest. Očekuj moje sudjelovanje i očekuj nešto opasno 😛

@tonac Thank you I appreciate it and am looking forward to see what you got, vidimo se 😉

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

Your contest sounds great. Projects like this can push steemit and bring more users. I'm not an artist but I wish you all the best for the start of your contest.

I like the idea, a lot of rules but I'll make sure to read everything before entering. Thanks for the info!

@heaterville This rules are necessary to create a valuable artist community on Steemit, in the future when I make a standalone app with my team, it will be all automatic

This is so great. I am wishing everyone well. I do #improv but we have no videos. Improvisers rarely video tape shows. I have old shows taped, but nothing new. But this is encouraging to see when improvisers start to join the platform. Thank you for doing this.

Thank you @jacobts for seconding the contest 😉 I'm a long term musician/improviser and a looper, and I believe that improvisation is the purest art form, because it lacks narcissism and pretension for the most time. My plan is to create a couple of more intricate challenges/contest over time (with a smaller reward) on the Steemit to entice the people to improvise more.

@ivan.atman, what a great platform to support the arts!

Thank you @karencarrens join in the fun 😉

Can I post my entry now?

Yes @mashiliyanage the contest is now in the prolonged "Entry Phase (Audition)" from
21.02 - 05.03 to gather enough contestants for a fair and interesting contest, in the future it will last only 5 days.

So freely enter the contest with any art form you want, just don't forget to read the rules prior to entering:

You Can Read iTalent Rules Here

Great, thanks :D

This looks like a great contest!! I would have upvoted you last night, but, had to let my voting power recharge!! Great hearing your voice and meeting you!! Best of luck with your contest!!

Thank you @thehoneys I appreciate it ✌

This does very interesting, but unfortunately as our recordings and videos are of concerts it makes it impossible for us to say the needed words at the beginning of the video! An well, best of luck to everyone who enters, it is a great initiative.

Please let any classical musicians or classical music lovers that you know to subscribe to @classical-music, and to start using the #classical-music hashtag, so we can try and grow our community! Join us at our Dischord:

Good luck to all participants!

I love the initiative, but I suggest removing the part with visual requirements for most of the categories. It puts musicians and some other at disadvantage, good part of musicians express themselves because that is the way how they express themselves the best.

Creating videos might make them discomfortable and steer them away from this contest.

Hi @tripdespider cool of you to drop in with you insights, see below the explanation

  • this contest is all about every artist joining the initiative, making videos proves the authenticity of the art, and brings the artist closer to his audience
  • People steering away from the contest just because they need to record their work visually is actually the idea, because there is so many plagiarism and spam in so many contests on Steemit, and it is not possible to keep track of them all

You Can Read iTalent Rules Here

I read it. There are other ways of proving authenticity. For example, we are regularly posting the music by team member of our group profile here, and to avoid all suspiction of plagiarism he has also added link to our steemit profile on his soundcloud.

Would it be ok for a sculptor for example with his sculpture next to a paper with his steemit account name written on it? If such proofs are okay I believe it will be fine. I just think that insisting on a video isn't necessary.

@tripdespider but then you could take a picture next to any sculpture and make a soundcloud with other artists music, I have few SC accounts and one of them is quite new with just few followers, who is to prove that I haven't just made it to present the music as my own

iTalent goal is to get Steemit artist closer, not just make it as another reward giveaway on steemit, it is both the competition and a co-operative field for Steemit artists, making descriptive videos helps audience see the art piece/music from a artists point of view, this is why people still go to concerts to feel that ooze from the artist they came to see.

Taking photo of other's sculpture can be prevented by asking for two photos in different stages of making the sculpture.

But you have a point considering second paragraph of your comment. If you are going for artists that will communicate with the audience this is actually a great concept. Taking that in regard my previous remarks are meaningless :)

@tripdespider yes but you can also download pictures from another artist diary with stages of sculpture (there is many online and people are known to claim other people's work)

I am glad you understand the concept and hope I will see you enter the contest in the future

Lipo san se zagrija.. Nemam puno ponudit trenutno, al već vidim da češ me nagovorit kako bude vrime odmicalo :) Anyway, excellent contest and really good idea! Keep it up brah! Wishing you much success!

Take your time :) I'm sure you will come up with something great in the future

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