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ROUND 9 - Winners

Every round there are more and more artists that are raising the bar for this contest, and I applaud you all, there is oomph, originality and versatility, and that is exactly what iTalent is about. ROUND 9 had such a great competition and choosing the winners was a tough job as it always is, without further adieu here are the winners for this round...



yidnetg.png Spain-s.gif


⚪️ Ethereal ⚪️

Ethereal is what I would describe @yidneth's sound as well, such a lush and spacey reverb with multiple vocals all done by Pris and her soulmate Hector, she never seems to disappoint in any aspects of her presentation, from the song itself to the post and the info about the development, setting, lyrics and making of. This song is truly outstanding example on how this ethereal sounds still linger with us in contrast to today's pop music, and hopefully they will again prevail and heal instead of divert from what is important.

See the full iTalent post in the link below:



Erryml.png United-States-s.gif


⚪️ The Sacred Bull ⚪️

Errymil Batol does everything but one thing, and that is underachieving, he is delivering his series to us firstly from his heart secondly from his workshop and does it exclusively and professionally. I've already said so much to praise him and his approach to art before, and he deserved it 100% as he is truly exemplary of an authentic artist, the "Sacred Bull" blew me away and I'm very grateful for him to include my song in the video, thank you @errymil

Timelapse video below:

See the full iTalent post in the link below:



Marianmoreno.png Venezuela-s.gif


⚪️ Majestic Animal ⚪️

@marianmoreno-ng gives us insight into her amazing drawing with her step by step process, the details in it are immaculate, really perfect shading process, the hair of the lion is out of this world, and the whole concept is great as well. I love how she achieved contrast with the lion's crown and bright orange eyes, great work Marian.

See the full iTalent post in the link below:



Betzaelcorvo.png Venezuela-s.gif


⚪️ La Fogata Azul (Original Song) ⚪️

I'm a big fan of @betzaelcorvo's paintings and sketches, but music really is where he shows his spirit, he seems as an amazing and sincere person, and his music sounds like that as well. This arrangement is an original song, so people, don't lose that thought while listening to "La Fogata Azul" it is all him, every vocal and instrument and production, such an amazing vibes, well done @betzaelcorvo.

See the full iTalent post in the link below:



Jesuskin.png Venezuela-s.gif


⚪️ Desired Woman ⚪️

One of the earliest adopters/contestants on i-Talent @jesuskin did a good job on this one, really nice r&b monochrome approach covered with the whole process in his time-lapse video, you can see how he does it from start to finish. I really like the concept, really has that 80's neon glow touch it, a fine art nude on paper, really cool piece, well done @jesuskin

Timelapse video below:

See her full iTalent post in the link below:


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Big congratulations to the winners, i see creativity at its peak. Kudos to the organizers.

Thank you very much, such an honour, been second a couple of times and was already thrilled and grateful, but won't deny I'm grateful for this... thank you so much... and to all the selected winning entries... and to all contestants for creating


Ethereal is so soothing and harmonious piece, could listen to it for hours :) Glad to see you back active on platform @yidneth! And gorgeous work with video as well! Congrats once again!


Thank you so much for the compliment and support always.... And always to i-talent team for encouraging me to participate

Congratulations to winners!!!
Well deserved it!

And a big shout-out to rest of the participants!

Brilliant creations & talents once again! ;)


thank you very much


You are more than welcome! Keep on going those nice artworks, because we want to see more! :)


Thank you so much for the mention
and I'm sooooo honoured!


gracias amigo saludos

Congratulations to all the winners! Well deserved! Especially @yidneth - I really love her music and style!!!


Awww that was really sweet and I truly appreciate it

congratulations winners! <3 :)

Wow that's pretty dope !!! Congratz to the winners!! I love the drawings too ,especially the lion i could stare into its soul, great selection Ivan!!


Yeah these people are amazing right :)

Que felicidad ver entre los destacados, me inspira a seguir dando lo mejor de mi para el siguiente round!!!!

Emociona y feliz de estar entre los ganadores, felicidades a todos!


Lo mismo y enhorabuena también para tí! La representación hispanohablante (aunque yo haya participado con un tema en inglés) es grande en esta vuelta por lo que veo. :)

Muy contento de estar entre los ganadores, y ver el dibujo del amigo @jesuskin, era uno de mis favoritos, gran concurso, artistas de primera linea, en realidad esta ronda estuvo intensa, muy buenas entradas.


Felicidades a tí también, :) me gustó mucho la multitoma en video... ¿Has oído alguna vez un grupo español llamado el Dúo dinámico? son muy antiguos pero tenían canciones muy entrañables, y el aire y la interpretación me recordó muchísimo. Tocas muy bien. Enhorabuena!


hello @yidneth I congratulate you for your beautiful musical compositions, the production of the video is a masterpiece, you are really a great artist and it is a great pleasure to have you so close here in steemit, my music has that old touch and I am very much characterized in that sound , since in this way I integrate more with the multi - videos, of course I have listened to this Spanish group, I identify a lot with their style, thank you friend and hope to have you always so close and with your music.


gracias hermano aprecio mucho tu comentario! Felicitaciones por tu presentación!! vaya talento que sabes aprovechar

Congratulations @yidneth and all the other participants. Really awesome entries :).


Aww thank you so much. I think next round might participate with art.
Congrats all

Congrats to the winners!
I hope to play at next round.

Hi, these authors have really amazing talents. It looks the talent judges had many great works to consider in this round. Please note, that you have broken links in the list of iTalent Judges on top end of the post, @ivan.atman. Congrats to all the winners!


Please specify the broken links @zorank all seems to work for me, but if you found one just write it here in comments, thank you ✌


These are working links via Steemit.com but you are right @zorank they are broken on busy.org, I fixed it, thank you very much buddy ✌


You're welcome.

That was great!! Congratulations to all the winners!!
@yidneth it was really Ethereal!! Congrats one more time!!


Awww thank you so much, :) really honoured