⭐️ i-Talent Round 9: “The Sacred Bull” Timelapse painting process video

in #italent2 years ago

“The Sacred Bull”

(36 x 36 inch oil on canvas, with embossed flower of life and gold leaf background)


Finished another masterpiece and inspired by the great times ahead, i always wanted to paint my zodiac which is the Mighty Taurus, this took me 6 sessions to finish. And as most of you know that i a flower of life enthusiast and i always include this symbol in my everyday life and art. And its a way to share this experience with you.

I could sense a very great time ahead of us, where prosperity and abundance is available to those who resonate. A lot of truths are being unveiled each day, the elite lost their grip, and i see a new currency that is about to emerge, something as valuable as gold is on the rise, we are living in interesting time as we are able to witness right in front of our eyes the matrix that we are living in. All we do is to observe and learn to discern the truth, be intuitive and trust that gut feeling, ground yourselves and meditate, be in the moment and the ever present “NOW”, its a time where we are able to fix and heal ourselves and others. We are living in the greatest generation of our time, its going to be a very bumpy ride and emotionally, physically and spiritually draining, but always find time to attend to your own health, mind and soul. The party is about to get started, Gaia our mother earth had enough damage that its time to repair, those who took advantage of humanity and earth will pay for the damages. And its time to wake up as this is the greatest and exciting time to be fully alive.
#here is my timelapse video painting for this masterpiece


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Wow, it's really a wonderful painting! Thanks to share the video too :)

Oh thank you @silviabeneforti. Im glad you liked it!

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Beautiful painting @errymil!!!
really like it as well as the other paintings displayed...that one of the Owl looks gorgeous! 😻

Amazing timelapse ! The finished painting is super lovely and I love the composition <3 The shimmer of the sky around the full moon is very pretty <3 And I love the colours you chose to work with, here <3

Thanks @veryspider always wanted to try this out.

I really Injoy this painting and resonate. I also share the sign. Ty, Resteemed

That is good to hear @weirdheadaches thanks for dropping by

I just love animals in art and this one is so lovely. The glow of the sphere and the intricate dream catcher really pull you in. well done.

Amazing work!

Great, amazing how you paint, your work very well

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