You are Worth Living! This is my @teardrops drawing about my life.

in art •  last year

This image I draw symbolizes the heart I have. It is broken ever since I was born. No one to blame why and how it happened. My whole life has been a rocky road and dealing with struggles physically, emotionally and mentally is really tough for me. You must be wondering why I am still here surviving, simply because Life is worth living. They say, we only get to live the world ones. NO. We get to live everyday. And that everyday, you just have to make a choice whether to live it or waste it. I'm living mine.

I realize somehow, hundreds of people are battling just to get to live more. One example, myself, in year 2015 was my first ever hospitalization. the next year 2016 I hospitalized again, and then 2017 I hospitalized twice. This year I hospitalized twice too, first of this year was on my birthday, and second for this month. Got mixed emotions, I was thanking people already who took care of me, my mother who never failed to ask every now and then how I am, I let other people informed my father, my sisters who gave me support, my real friends who visited me always, my wife who is very positive in all means, my child who is the source of every waking up.

One of the things I've learned about life is to never complain. Some people complain of the small things in life when they don't see how big is the picture can be. A child has been complaining because her mom can't buy her a new set of shoes to school, while there is a child who doesn't complain without no feet. A man who earn much and eat at restaurants most of the time, while there are people who can't eat and drink and die because of hunger.

I may have been a victim of complaining. But I've been lucky to get into this blessing. I will always cherish the life has given me and will always be thankful for every breath I take, for every beat of my heart, and for the last tear drops.

I would like to thank @surpassinggoogle and @teardrops for acknowledging my introduction post about my story being a heart survivor. You made my day! I am deeply touched for the overwhelming support of Steemit here.

Thank you for reading. Always be grateful!

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How is my Brad Vic doing..? Welcome brad.., have a great day always..,


doing great brad harold. thank u brad.. for the mean time ari lang sah ta kai lisod na eh balik trabaho. pressure. .

Indeed, there are so many things to be thankful for. Thank you for reminding us :) Nice artwork by the way! Keep it up! :D


thank for appreciate my artwork.. its not over yet and i want to share it here on steemit.

creative art. i am amazed. it makes me thinking about my sorrows of my life. thank you for sharing


lets be happy, don't mind those sorrows we been take. Always pray! 😇@steemibu351

Exactly we should be thankful for everything and never complain for small things.


yes exactly. Lets be thankful everyday for what we have. 😊😊@madiha

Your heart might be broken but it is pure. I can feel you sir. We should live our life by encouraging others. Your post reflects your soul. I may not know you personally but I can see here that you are an amazing person. Keep rising @istillrise You are an inspiration ☺


yes I won't give up despite of everything.. im so happy to be here because i can show and express my feelings through art. 😊@gunter01

Always thanks God.... Always pray that he give more years to in your Life.


yes i will, god is good! 😇😇@artemiojr

Hello @istillrise , this is really touching. Melts my heart again seeing this kind of story posted that would make my tears blast once again! I would like to see more of you on how you enjoy life despite the health issues. Tap your audience's hearts with you stories and let the message linger inside our hears for a very long time.

Calling the attention of my #steemitfamilyph #ohana to acknowledge this post. If you want a family where you can hang out, be immersed with great minds, helpful people, just let me know if you are interested. I for one, have been able to enjoy here and making my steemit life enjoyable as possible!


Hello @fycee, Thank you very much for reading my artwork story. Despite of my health condition im still rise and never give up just for my family and friends, you also motivated me to live life more longer... 😉God bless 😇

Yeah, we must cherish the blessings we have, it's either big or small.
Thanks for your post.


Yes, ehehe. we should be thankful everyday! 😇God bless @shula14