A Heart Survivor made it here. Blessed to be in Steemit Now. Still I Rise!

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Finally, I made it here! My sister @fernwehninja helped me signed up using steeminvite and was accepted in an instant. My youngest sister @anjyoung is also here in Steemit. I did sign up twice here since November, I've been waiting for long, fortunately, she heard good news from her friend that she will be able to sign me up right away by means of steeminvite.

I am Rayvic Abad, 29 years old, living in Cebu Philippines. I am a heart survivor with dextrocardia , a rare case of congenital heart disease which means my heart is on the right side of my chest instead of the left.

I am blessed that I've reached this age and thankful for my supportive family, I just turned 29 last January 26th. Everytime I have birthdays, they make effort to celebrate it. Because when I was young some doctors claimed that I won't survive longer, they said I will be gone when I reach 4 years old, then 9 y.o, 16 , 21. My mother felt worried about that.

I spent my 29th birthday at the hospital

As you can see they put 30th on the cake, because according to superstition it is believe that hopefully I can survive 1 year more

I graduated secondary course in Internet Technology Associate, but didn't pursue my profession because I easily get tired working long hours, I don't have so much energy to work like a normal person. And I have to be strong and keep fighting to survive for my family and future.

Luckily I have a friend who is also my boss and owns a company that understands my health condition and offers me a job in their company. I worked as a Sales Executive for Solar Technology and doing some admin stuffs.
I am truly grateful for my friend because the past two years until now, he supports me financially on my hospital expenses which sometimes my family have a hard time to afford. I can't thank him enough for that.

I've been coming and going to the hospital recently. Sometimes I felt upset because I don't have anything to offer or contribute to my family financially. But no matter what, they always cheer me up and say not to worry about money what's important is for me to be strong and to keep fighting. And also, I have true friends that gave me inspiration, strength to live in this world. I will be forever thankful to them that's why I love them.

As a proof of being brave, I have a heart tattoo created by my friend located at the left side of my wrist.

Right now, I am a father. I have a cute 4 month-old son named Gaius Axel which means to Rejoice in the Divine Reward and I love my wife deeply because she is patient and loyal to me.

This is my baby boy Gauis Axel, he just turned 4 months last Feburary 25. We are glad that he was born healthy and no heart problem yayyyy!!

my lovely family

I joined Steemit to help my family and to support my future, hence my body isn't reacting so well, I quit my job. my sister encouraged me to join steemit and do crypto-related things. I am not familiar yet, but I am willing to learn. I heard great things about Steemit from her and also from my friend @aayoshii925.

My sisters @fernwehninja and @anjyoung spent their steemit money for the baptism of my son

I will be sharing things about life, food, art, participate in various contest or challenges and so on.I still have to discover how Steemit works and try to engage and learn. I will do my best. If you have any tips, that would be truly helpful and greatly appreciated.

I still Rise, I can do it! I am a Survivor! I will not Give up! Thank you for reading my story. God bless us.

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Welcome to STEEMIT!! Good luck! Upvoted!!


Thank you 😄

Hi istillrise! Great introduction and welcome to join the steemit community. Steemit is a social media that rewards you through interesting writing and comments. I think you have the ability to provide interesting writing in the next post. Your good job will be appreciated The spirit of work and good luck!
Best regard @fataelrumy


Thank you for the motivation, I will try to keep on writing to improve my English skills. I'm happy that my sister helps me to correct some of grammar @fataelrumy ;))

Hello Hello @istillrise ! I am very happy that you decided to join steemit. I am forever thankful to your family for welcoming me to your humble house. You are such a very accommodating person whenever you see someone who is close to your sister @fernwehninja I always wish you well. Hope to hear more from you. Keep steeming and living! Your baby is very cuuuuuuute. I would love to see him soon again when I go back to Cebu! Deuces!


Thank you , you can visit anytime you want. eheheh cge, god bless your trip and see you soon 😁😁 Aja!

Welcome to steem kabayan. Good luck.

Welcome friend. Thank God for seeing you through and you came out strong. Remain strong friend.
In my little way of trying to help newbies, I took out some time to put down a guide that will help your stay here to be a good one. Try visiting the link below to get started into success. I am @inspiredgideon1 and i am here to inspire you to success


ok thank you 😃

Welcome brother 😃


thank you broo ☺

Hey, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and amazing to survive through that. Our heart is our heart of everything.

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im looking forward to seeing what life brings to me.. thank you..@joeyarnoldvn

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Welcome to steemit. You are an inspiration, keep fighting and motivated. Here in steemit, hard work and patience pays off. Be positive and don't be discouraged by any challenges you may encounter here..keep steeming!


thank you for your warm welcome.. and also thank you for inspiring my story.. yeah your right think positive fight fight fight..!😃

Welcome to steemit community.


thank you for your warm welcome.. im looking forward on this steemit community.. 😃

welcome to steemit manghud, enjoy lng dri , keep exploring lng ug no pressure. lovelots and God bless ;))

Just trust in God's ways brother. We may not understand His ways but He holds the master plan. God bless and welcome to steemit. By the way, I also have a friend whose baby is a heart warrior. Kindly check @ninajas.

Welcome here dodong, enjoy staying here... And good luck to your blog... Just always pray to God.. prayers is the best medicine....


thank you for your warm welcome. you know what dodong is my nick name ahahah. god is good..!😃

Belated happy birthday! This is my first time to hear about the condition you're experiencing right now, it must be so hard for you and your fam but still, thank God :D He gave you a long life to have a family of your own.

Ate @fernwehninja is a great friend of mine :D I know she can guide you very well in this platform. Enjoy and engage :D I'll be keeping an eye of your artworks from now on. There are so many art related contests here. May God bless you, and may you rise still :D

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thank you..😃 and thank you also for reading introduction story..its so hard in my condition but im still fighting it.. never give up..god is good. 😃


Never give up! Indeed, God is very good to us :D

Welcome to Steemit! May the good Lord give you many more years in this world.


thank you for your warm welcome here in steemit...😃

Blessed to be a part of #steemit too also blessed to have a mentor like @surpassinggoogle 😊😍😊


im so thankful to be a part of steemit. im lookng forward in this community.😃

hi @istillrise nice meet you here on steemit. I am happy that you finally got approval. I'm a good friend of your kind hearted sister @fernwehninja. Looking forward to hear you. Keep steeming and enjoy!


Thank you mam @bellatravelph

Welcome to steemit bro @istillrise! Enjoy your stay here. Happy steeming and more power to you. God bless...


thank you for your warm welcome bro. god bless you too..😃

Welcome to this platform sir @istillrise.

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i am grateful to be part of this platform too..😃

Hi @istillrise. You have the best sister in the world @fernwehninha, she has helped alot, including my self to join this community. People are very supportive here. You will get all the help needed. You have a beautiful name and cool steemit usrer name. True survivor. All the best here. God bless.

Great to see you on Steemit brad Vic.., hahahahahahaha Welcome


brad H. ahaha salamat imba welcome. ahahah gbu brad. 😃

We are all glad to have you onboard!


thank you for your warm welcome.. 😃

Hi @istillrise. 😀 Welcome to Steemit! Keep the Faith. You will live long. God bless you.
Btw, I mentioned you here. You will receive a welcome gift soon. 😀 Enjoy your Steemit journey. 😀 Bright blessings. 😀


Thank you mam @shikika


You are most welcome 😀 @istillrise. 😀 Keep the Faith. 😀

You are very inspiring to this community. You are blessed to have such a loving family to help you through your tough times.

  ·  last year (edited)

yes, i am blessed to have so many great things in my life with my family,friends and God. All will be in my thoughts daily. Thank you.Thank you 😊😊 @daveonarrival

Welcome @istillrise! Happy birthday and Wish you a long and healthy life! God is good. He is merciful. Keep the faith. God bless you and your family.


@appleskie ,Thank you for your belated greetings but its not to late still appreciated. ehehe. God bless! 😇

Welcome to Steem it :) @istillrise you are blessed with God. You are a fighter and a survivor ^^ May God give you more blessing and Good health :) This is a very inspiring story. Keep inspiring more here in steemit. :)


thank you for your warm welcome.. im looking forward and inspiring here in steemit. 😃

I felt so touched reading through your story. Now i see why it is alwahs important to go through each post you cone across.

I am grateful to GOD for helping you survive this rare heart disorder. I do hope to see mlre of your posts and how you grow on this great platform. Much love from the steemit community coming from me. I now follow you, gotta see your post on feed.


thank you for reading my story.. im looking forward on this community.. and i want to share a lot of my story.

Welcome to community.

welcome and folback


thank you for your warm welcome. 😃