Night in mountains

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Night. Above, the moon gazes ominously at us, illuminating the clouds with silver mist. Below, he, the City, flickers with yellow lights. Further away is the sea, which from here appears to be a blue haze, merging into the distance with the sky. Left and right - the winding walls of the mountains. A fire is burning, throwing sparks into the sky, which is increasingly being dragged in by black, unfriendly clouds. The wind is rising. In the distance, somewhere in the sea, lightning flashes, and after that there is a rumble of thunder.Ночь. Сверху луна зловеще поглядывает на нас, подсвечивая серебристым туманом облака. Снизу, он, Город, мерцает желтыми огнями. Еще дальше – море, которое отсюда кажется синей дымкой, сливающейся вдалеке с небом. Слева и справа – извивающиеся стены гор. Горит костер, разбрасывая искры в небо, которое все более затягивается черными, недружелюбными тучами. Поднимается ветер. Вдалеке, где-то в море, сверкает молния, а после раздается раскат грома.

Technical details

Materials Used: Ballpoint Pen
Technique Used: Hatching
Dimension Used: A5 size

Inventor, inventor, photographer, a little programmer and just a cheerful person IoTman

look it @banjo & @cleverbot


I don't know how can I tell?

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This would make a cool tattoo! I like how the trees are surrounding the mountain. You drew them around the base and brought them up the bottom edges to match the circular theme.. very nifty. Creates a neat look :-)

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