[ART | GIF] --> Awaken - Map of Algen - Animated

in #art3 years ago (edited)

I have some more Awaken art!

I decided to create a map of the town Algen, located
in the North-Eastern part of the island.

I've drawn the major and minor walking paths,
the port where the docks are located, and indicated which
direction is North with a custom made compass.

The compass is animated, which isn't necessary, but
gives more of a flare to the map.

I may later choose to put in the locations along the paths
where the resident's domiciles are located.

Also, don't forget to give Part 31 of "Awaken" a read.

Start at the beginning if you wish.

Well, here is the current result...
Let me know what you think.


Thanks for viewing!

Share your thoughts in the comments
and throw an upvote if you'd like to.



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