Repressed Memories | Oil Painting

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Repressed Memories by hiddenbladez.jpg

Repressed Memories
Oil on Canvas
36 x 48 inches

“It was in 2016 when she was finally able to see what’s haunting her. And surprise… they are an army. Of course, they all said HI.”

-hiddenblade, from the story “Not Alone

The human mind has always been mysterious and complex. Throughout time, humans have been understanding how thoughts could affect behaviors, how the environment could affect thoughts, how even the intangible can affect the physical body.

From the moment we learn how powerful the mind could be, we begin the journey of exploring and understanding our own thoughts. We find the place in our minds where all the deepest darkest secrets are kept safe. We find different versions of ourselves. We find chaos.

Through the journey, we meet the black and white voices that tell us our regret and melancholy over and over again. An endless cycle of painful reminders.

By opening our eyes, we learn that we can control how we perceive these things. We can put colors to the painful drawings and scratches around. We can turn the chaotic skies into the color of tranquility and healing. Carrying the flower of growth, we can position ourselves at the center and lead these voices.

These voices inside our heads are powerful. They can make us the best versions of ourselves or destroy us. These weaknesses can be turned to strengths. They can be overwhelming but we have the control. Are we going to join them or tame the beasts? Are we going to sing the noise of sorrow or the music of joy? Are we going to fight them or befriend them? We always have the decision.

I choose to embrace them.




detail 5.jpg


They never go away.


Really unique inspired stuff ! Awesome ! A for sure follow ! If the voices inside my head are me then who is listening? I guess perceiving the self isn’t anymore deep than a mirror lol , maybe there is only me now that one is deep.

Haha, the deep state, that’s rabbit hole deep for sure !

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Thanks! You are also the one listening to the voices lolol

That's what they tell me, I'm not buying it though shhhhhh!

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You know that moment when something is just so good that you really wanna compliment it but you just can't because you don't know how to?

Yeah, that's me right now. I'm speechless. This is your best work as far as I've seen. Truly remarkable, Pauline!

Aaawww. You’ve always been supportive. Thank you! :D I do think this is my favorite work so far

It has every reason to be. Especially because of that powerful pink central figure. Shows how no matter how big of a mess you are, you're still beautiful where it matters.

Really good!

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Thank you! :)

Beautiful, deep and very creative. 💙

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Finally!! Hiddie :D Super-respect for that beautiful and astonishing work!! You a really special person :) And cheer up :DD

Thank u aaaarrr! Yes I am cheering up :p with the help of one person maybe ;)

It is very impressive @hiddenblade😊 I am very happy to see the finished result, I kind of guessed it but it is more impressive than I imagined it. So many different selves, so many emotions. We think that we are one person and celebrate our uniqueness but we are a lot of different people in one😊 Great work!

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Aaww. Wasn't surprised you got a clue too since you are also an artist! Really glad you appreciate it! :D

Love it!!! ♥♥♥

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