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Welcome to 'Original Artificial Pieces Of Art'

Today with ne next artwork of my new series 'Original Artificial Pieces Of Art'. For those who are new, i deliver art created by recurrent neural networks and present my favorits in this series.

To understand the progress of my doing you are pleased to read The Vision of UniqueCosmos.

And now i wish you pretty much fun with the choosen artwork created by @hereforawhile.

The Inner Flow

the inner flow.jpg

If you want to learn more about my doing and our project @uniquecosmos you should Visit Our Blog.

Here is a little quote out of our vision:

UniqueCosmos has the vision to give ,ARTificial Intelligence’ a face. Our world should not only be faster, more productive and smarter. It should also be nicer and more beautiful. It’s the time of the digital revolution, and the start of a new artistically age. Avantgarde 2.0: A new level of variety realised through machine creativity.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you will return, when i come up with new art out of my machine.



wow wonderful photography
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Wow! It's amazing! Great work :)

where does artificial intelligence take up topics?
how it works?

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