Summer is Flying By

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I am amazed at how fast this summer has gone. I have almost filled up my first sketchbook — a proud accomplishment considering I hadn’t sketched or drawn in so many years!



Prayer life is as rich as ever, my faith and mind are being stretched most daily and it has been fun to see where everything leads. Stepping out in faith is sometimes a challenge, but the breakthroughs have been well worth it (a whole post devoted to that is coming soon!).



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I love getting a glimpse into other people's sketchbooks. Nice drawings and I love your handwriting!

Wow, the drawings are very beautiful but what i admire the most is you style of handwriting:) If you like you can start using the #creativecoin tag at your posts and you will receive CCC tokens along with Steem. CCC is a token designed for artists, photographers and creative people in general.

Thanks, and thank you for the tip. :)

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