Today's Painting #62 - Love

in art •  14 days ago

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams ~ Dr. Seuss

Love is and endingless topic, everyone talk about it, and everyone has their own opinion upon this topic, I myself can't even describe it properly, as love is something divine, a beautiful form of art, no mere words can describe love properly. But, somehow, when I ask people about love, most of them limit their answer to be a love between couple while there're so many forms of love. I wonder why....

What about you? What's come to your mind when someone mentions about love?






For me... whenever I talk about love, the only things come to my mind is my mother and sister, also my brother, because I learned a lot of things from them, especially the expression of love.

Anyway, this painting come from a doodle that I made. At first I just made a simple sketch of a town, as so far I've never drawn a town scenery I was wondering if I can do it, when I made this sketch I didn't even use eraser, so, at first this is just a simple doodle.... but, when I finished the sketch I think it looks beautiful and decided to make it into a serious painting...

Painting Process

First Make a simple sketch

Adding trees and a couple in this sketch.

Make more details.

Finished the sketch, see the differences between my first and second sketch 😅 I can't hold myself from not adding a creepy shadow 😅

Now start the coloring process, always start from the background using watercolour.

Now, using black acrylic paint some spot which is darker than the rest.

Painting the rest of the picture, and finished.

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When you say love I think about my family and friends. I think about nature and all the beautiful places that I have visited. I think about my memories and people that are long gone. Love doesn't necessary connect with a person for me. Love means a deep feeling, feeling of happiness that I feel when I think about something :) Yeah, it's difficult to describe and it's different for everyone.. As long as we know what it is for us ;)

Beautiful painting and I can feel that the love is in the air :) it looks to me like Japanese cherry blossom.. It's interesting that they're having umbrella as the sky looks clear to me but it could be the blossom that is raining :)

Well done! Thank you for sharing!


Yeah, love seems so hard to be described with words, I think we can understand love by actions.

Anyway, that couple using umbrella because it was a rainy day, but fortunately in the evening finally the rain has stopped, you can see the road and the fence, it still looks a little bit wet. 😁

So nice and romantic, with lot of colors and love. :)


I'm glad if you can enjoy it, thank you 😊

So beautiful, @hananan! I can feel the romance in the air :D Love the process pictures, and I love the colours very much at the final version also <3 The pink trees and the yellow sky are lovely * ___ *

Nice to see hananan posting again <3


Aawww... Thanks, I just come back from my hibernation 😁

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Thanks 😊

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Thanks 😊

I like this one, very romantic painting. I think you illustrate the theme of love very well :).


I'm glad you like it, thanks 😊

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