🎨 The making of spaceships with watercolour | Part II: Ship

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The finished artwork with its complete, commented progress report and a bunch of detail shots.


The illustration was commissioned by a Techno-Club in Berlin for special events called "X:Ploration".

If you've missed the first part, here it is: Part I

So, let's continue from where we were, just after having peeled the masking fluid off...

... I started with the dock, as it is the closest shape, then the bit of the spaceship that appear on the right side. I fill various shapes with various colours, trying to stay in rather warm tones. I also decided to work more or less with the complementaries of the green and blue from the background, so I stayed with brownishes, red, ochre etc... but still sometimes with tiny parts in blueish, greenish, greyish (I use a lot of that disgusting water full of the other mixes of paint) ...

I added a thin layer over it and started the two main ships. Again, filling these parts with the tones I wanted to stick with. And always lighter colors the farther the shapes are.

More colours, more layers, the shadows inside the reactors.

From that on, I went back to outlining with thinliners, touch up with white gouache and acrylic, some blacks. Basically more and more details. I don't have many photos of that part because that's a bit when the peak of the creativity hits. That's when I do a myriad of details, therefore being quite focused and at that point, there are not so many drying times anymore so taking pictures is the last thing I think about. Also, the planet gave me quite a hard time because of course, I went off the circle while painting so I was forced to enlarge it.

After, I added the first shadows, the sides of the ships that aren't in front of the light and the cast shadows from the people gathering.

Then at last, the cast shadows from the ships.

It looks like it's done, but there are still details, reinforcement of some shadows, the planet and its ring to do.

And here's the definitive, scanned artwork.

And some details.







Thank you for having read my post =)

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Thanks again!



Einfach nur unglaublich wie man so etwas von Hand zeichnen kann.

My reactions as I scrolled through these shots
-Wow it's really getting good.
-okay that's awesome.
-this guys a bit better than me
-this guys way better than me
-okay ...he can stop...he made his point, he's a master of illustrating.
-I hate this guy, he's too good. It's not fare.
-this guy is better than Mobius
-whoever did this isn't human. It's too good.

Hahaha :) This comment really made my day :D

I must say that being better than Sir Moeb is ultimate ...

I might have to refute it, though :D

Thanks @arseniclullaby =)

"when someone asks you if you're a god...you say YES"
Bill Murry - Ghostbusters

See, I still have a lot to learn =)

Haedre, you always seem to stop me in my tracks. All these amazing details that you have achieved here are absolutely stunning! The contrast in colors, the use of size perspective, the fact that everywhere you look there is something else to discover.... so good! 👏🏼👏🏼

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Thank you for appreciating and for the nice words @llfarms! Your support is highly appreciated =)

Hello, Haedre! This is very nice work. You are good at watercolor technique.

Thank you @feelisgood! Trying to do my best ;)

Awesome art!!! Very difficult!!! Congratsulation!!

Thank you for commenting @evimeria! I always say, it has to be difficult, or it's not fun :D

Ι am new to painting!! And yes you are right!!!

A...AMAZING! @haedre ! you've outdoned yourself (again) :D This is simply incredible !

i love the incredible details that you have worked into this piece, but my favourite has got to be the contrast in scale, the very apt use of perspective brings out the massive feeling of the spaceships, in comparison to the throng of people on the platform... !!! it makes it super grand !!! <3 i love it !

Amazing work, @haedre :D

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once I saw the details on those tiny people, I just tipped my hat and threw away my brushes.

But please, @arseniclullaby, do not throw away your brushes! =)

Too late. It wasn't as heroic display as I made it out to be. They were sh*t brushes anyway. Windsor Newton's quality keeps dropping. These last two kept going fork tongued on me after just a few uses.

lol, I do use a lot of crap brushes

It's weird but to do tiny people isn't easy :D

Much thanks for your comment again Spider! Indeed the scale contrast was big part of what I wanted to achieve in this one. And it's not always easy as I put a lot of details everywhere, and details usually scale things down (as in reality you wouldn't probably see that much details from such far shape). So, I can say I am happy =) Thanks again for your support :)

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Wow, I also paint but using acrylic and I must say that your work is very impressive.

How long before you finished it?

Looking forward to see more!
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Thank you for commenting @joyrobinson =)
It's a long time I haven't used acrylic, there are a few techniques I am interested to test with. But above all the fact that you can use it on canvas is great.

This illustration took me around 5 or 6 days, I am not sure exactly!

I love the sense of scale you achieve with the teeny tiny people. Really cool process to create the space background as well, really evokes nebulae and other cool shit we see from the Hubble telescope. Another amazing post :)

Idd, the tiny people really play a big role in scalling, as I say in a comment upper, doing a lot of details (which I love to do) makes things looking closer, so it can be difficult to balance that.

And yeah the cosmic background is a lottery, it's so easy to ruin it with a few wrongly placed colours :D

Thanks for appreciating Carl!

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Thanks @minnowsupport! What would we do without you?!

Damn, this is incredible. Great work!

so great!!!
have to re-steem ; )

you did all???? :O

Thanks for your comment @sfturzo! Sure, it's all one man made =)

great arts man! i wish i could do painting like that 😇

That was a fantastic finale to part one. Part one with how you created the "space" part, I thought was great, this really put the icing on the cake.

I m super glad you have appreciated both parts @bashadow! Thanks!

Absolutely excellent!

Thank you @timmolloy! Coming from you, it means a lot to me =)

That is absolutely amazing. So much detail.

Thank you very much for appreciating @veckinon!

Maigod! Your artwork was amazed me! Really amazing 😍

The more you practice the luckier you get!

Indeed! Still, one must get out of the studio sometimes :D

I love the sense of scale and perspective.

Thank you Kathkleen =)

This is amazing, the topic is very well constructed. It has excellent details, I can get lost in the painting. I'm following you.

Brilliant artwork! Amazing .. Love to see the process. Thanks for.sharing

Thanks a lot @carloscastro =) You're welcome!