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RE: 🎨 The making of spaceships with watercolour | Part II: Ship

in #art6 years ago

A...AMAZING! @haedre ! you've outdoned yourself (again) :D This is simply incredible !

i love the incredible details that you have worked into this piece, but my favourite has got to be the contrast in scale, the very apt use of perspective brings out the massive feeling of the spaceships, in comparison to the throng of people on the platform... !!! it makes it super grand !!! <3 i love it !

Amazing work, @haedre :D

upvotes and resteems


once I saw the details on those tiny people, I just tipped my hat and threw away my brushes.

But please, @arseniclullaby, do not throw away your brushes! =)

Too late. It wasn't as heroic display as I made it out to be. They were sh*t brushes anyway. Windsor Newton's quality keeps dropping. These last two kept going fork tongued on me after just a few uses.

lol, I do use a lot of crap brushes

It's weird but to do tiny people isn't easy :D

Much thanks for your comment again Spider! Indeed the scale contrast was big part of what I wanted to achieve in this one. And it's not always easy as I put a lot of details everywhere, and details usually scale things down (as in reality you wouldn't probably see that much details from such far shape). So, I can say I am happy =) Thanks again for your support :)

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