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RE: 🎨 The making of spaceships with watercolour | Part II: Ship

in #art6 years ago

My reactions as I scrolled through these shots
-Wow it's really getting good.
-okay that's awesome.
-this guys a bit better than me
-this guys way better than me
-okay ...he can stop...he made his point, he's a master of illustrating.
-I hate this guy, he's too good. It's not fare.
-this guy is better than Mobius
-whoever did this isn't human. It's too good.


Hahaha :) This comment really made my day :D

I must say that being better than Sir Moeb is ultimate ...

I might have to refute it, though :D

Thanks @arseniclullaby =)

"when someone asks you if you're a say YES"
Bill Murry - Ghostbusters

See, I still have a lot to learn =)

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