Plant Pokemon : Ink & Colored Pencil : Start To Finish : By Mr. Michael

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Hello Pocket Monster Collector's,

Got a little anxcious tonight thinking about my eye appointment next week so to relax myself I drew this up. Evolution of bellsprout pokemon. One from the first set ever created.

When I was a kid I had Pokemon Blue for Gameboy. My brother had the red version. I remember having a ton of fun finding all the different pokemon and the secret ones like Mewto. My favorite one has always been squirtle. I think I'll do another one like this, it was a lot of fun to draw.

Pencil to ink to colored pencil back to ink retracing - final image:

Shout out to @crimsonclad who answered when I asked in Minnow Support Project's discord chat for a pokemon to draw. Hope you like this as well! ☺

Appreciate any feedback and input in the comments below. What pokemon evolution would you like to see?

Word hard, stay humble & Steem On!!

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Great piece! How long did it take to create?

I spent a couple hours or so on this one. Glad you liked it!!

No words with me bro .
What i say..... ???
Not define by words

Glad you liked it

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lol nice animation

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Throw in a Monsanto logo and I can pump it at Artists Against Monsanto, LOL...

I like the style, too!

Hahaha pokemon's against monsanto

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My favourite childhood cartoon show....and ur sketch loved it

Thank you means a lot!!

You have skillz friend. RESPECT

Thank you!!

nice draw :)

Thank you glad you enjoyed it!