Millennium Falcon 3D Model - Progress #2

in art •  last year


If you follow my blog, you know I enjoy 3D modeling in Modo. In particular, I like to recreate Star Wars ships and vehicles. One day I would love to be able to get a 3D printer and print these out for real, but until then, I am happy to model and render them on my PC.

My current project is the Millennium Falcon. I previously posted about the start of the project, getting the major geometric shapes and landmarks in. This is around 2 or 3 hours into the project.


I have started the painstaking work of creating all the panels, pipes and little details that make this model so intricate.


The radar dish has had some details added. I began work on the paneling on the central section.


Here I have made good use of the pipe tool in Modo. There are many more to add before I am finished. From the blocking out to this point, I have probably spent a good 3 or 4 hours.


Thank you for looking. Follow my blog for further progress.

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Again very impressive work !

Dude this is so good! Well done. How long about did it take you in total would you say from start to finish?

Followed. Talk soon!


Thank you! So far about 6-7 hours on this.

This is coming along very nice. Great Job


Thank you very much.

Really nice work ! I have to 3d print one.

wow that is really cool. I would have no clue how to do anything like that but that is super cool. You will get your 3D printer one day :)



That's pretty sweet! I've done one of the little Metal Earth slot and tab models of the Millennium Falcon. That's as close as I've gotten to that. What kind of size are you going to be printing?


just saw you are only rendering (got distracted by pictures). Maybe someone here on steemit can print this dude when it's done.


Thanks. I don't have a printer yet.

Resteemed and upvoted.

Cuz awesome sauce design!

EDIT: By the way, get this on thingiverse.


Thank you very much.

Dude this is sick!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!


Thank you.


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