Reality's calamity. Day 15

in art •  11 months ago

Today a catastrophic blur

A loathsome misadventure,

Once again I found myself

Encumbered deep indenture.


Yesterday a rhyming post

Now reading quite prophetic,

Albeit disappointing, worse

Predictably pathetic.

Emergency room Deja Vu

Empath void, dosed with judgement,

Afraid to go afraid to not

Attended though reluctant.

I have a rare disease or two

Always treated woefully,

With little other choice

Ambulance boarded dolefully.

Unfortunately nothing's changed

Since last presenting there,

Scary, isolating, sad

There's zero help or care.

Sad reality I feel

Beneath my sorry skin,

The slightest hope had been mustered

Stretched dangerously thin.


Sorry for another post

Lacking shiny light,

It's hard to manufacture

When life's always such a fight.

Here is yesterday's post Branded.

All content original.


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wow awesome!




I hope everything goes better as the day goes on, sending you much healing and light. Really great poem. Thank you @girlbeforemirror


Thanks. Every day is a new opportunity.

I don't know what to say..
Wishing you well 👊


Thanks. I'm OK

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heart small.jpg

Your day 15 is amazing, tell me what inspired it?


It is autobiographical of my day I'm afraid.

This post spoke to me for a few reasons. I also have been struggling to put out content due to personal things going on in my life. Yours seems to be more health-related, and definitely more meritas of creating this feeling, but I've been feeling a lot the same, so this really spoke to me. Thanks for putting yourself out there; bearing your soul.