The Fool, handcut collage 100/70cm.

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Project overview.

The first artwork from the Major Arcana Project, which was a handcut collage series i created a few years ago. It was a rather ambitious project inspired by the famous 22 cards of the tarot deck but after making 15 artworks it is still unfinished. Back then i was looking for a way to change my style of doing collage art and escape from the vicious cycle of doing only portraits, using my stained glass technique. I wanted to create a narrative,try to tell a story through my art and so after a lot of thinking i decided that it would be very interesting to find inspiration at the Major Arcana deck. Every card is full of symbols and ideas, some rather obvious but others open to personal interpretation.


General meaning of the card.

The Fool was not the first artwork i made for the series but i will present it first because there is logic and meaning in the order of cards. Actually, this card has no number and no fixed place at the deck. Maybe this is why it became later the Joker in the common playing card deck, this ability to move around freely. The 22 cards symbolize a journey, probably the journey of life and start with The Magician which is the moment of creation or birth and finishe with The World which is the end of the journey, or maybe the end of one cycle. But in my personal interpenetration it is the fist one because it represents the dream, the thoughts and ideas before the action starts that stay with you throughout your journey.


For example when you plan a journey and you dream of the destination and all the cool things you will see and do there, you are in the Fool card. When you embark on this this journey and things start becoming real you are in the Magician card, you feel the excitement and the transitionary moment between sleeping and waking up. Finally when you come back full of new experiences you are in the World card, ready to share with the rest of the people everything that you saw or do in this trip. The little but important detail is that the Fool will accompany you in this journey and you will always compare what you experience with that you dreamed this journey will be. This is why in my opinion this card has no number, it is in the start of everything but stays with you till the end, popping out from time to time as a reminder or a course changer.

Analysis of the symbols.


I kept the basic structure of the card and found an image from Charlie Chaplin movie for my protagonist, my blessed fool. I think it is fitting, i liked the pose and added to him some more contemporary symbols of naive positivity like the Keep calm and carry on shirt and the various pins with the little images of peace eternity etc. The anonymous mask was a nice idea for the faceless protagonist and the little terrarium in the hat a nice way to show the good intentions and rather Utopian high thinking of the Fool. The bag of dollars hanging from the cane is a little but very important detail of the card,the Fool has with him only as much as he can carry. He is a traveller and knows that having too many, will only slow his journey, i l found this idea very interesting and to further emphasize it i put two more bags laying in the ground unattended.


The little dog in the original card plays the role of the companion, the faithful sidekick that questions the protagonist's dreams and warns him of the perils of real life. Like the obvious danger of him falling of the cliff while daydreaming of higher ideas. i replaced the dog with the image of a monkey dressed in a Napoleon costume. I found it more appropriate than the dog and had fun thinking of a background story of the fool releasing him from a circus as a part of his Utopian plan. I liked this image also because with the military costume and stern expression has the role of the protector. It is a fine couple, the dreamer and the realist, the careless and the cautious, the moon and earth.


Apart from the main couple i used various little symbols to further complete the idea of the card. The melting clocks to show that it is a scene where time is not important, the pile of garbage and urban landscape for the antithesis between the dream and reality. A dice for luck which plays a big part in our plans but we keep forgetting it and of course my favourite Monty Pythons as angels watching the events from above.I tried to keep a lighter tone in this card because one more important aspect of it is to visualize the funny and ironic side of life.


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First Thoughts: "Reminds me of the artwork style of the old Monty Python tv series."

Enjoyed your post.

Namaste, JaiChai

Thank you very much, Monty Python's animations are a big inspiration for me:)

I loveeee this 😍😍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Thank you:)

That's a nice concept. I really love the of collaging this art with part of historical arts.

Thank you so much, i am mixing up a lot of different elements together:)

Powerfull composition, George!

Thank you so much Arrr:) I missed your artworks, you are not posting anymore...

Hfving vacation and gathering mana. I hope soon I will post some new piccarrs! :D

Oh, i am looking forward to see:)

This is beautiful work!

I am so happy that you like it Katerina 😊

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Hi darling, how are you? Do you plan to finish the series in the short term? I would love to see the other missing cards. ;)

I love all the details in your collage and the way you represented each thing by the symbols and objects in your work.

Beautiful work I hope to see the rest of this series very soon, if my Internet allows it. XD

I am good dear Carmen and very happy that you like the artwork:) I do not think i will finish it soon but i will present with posts the rest of the cards i ve made:)


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Thank you so much Liv and Helpie team:)

im sorry that i momentarily lost this amongst the blockchain bork. I loved that you analyzed your own work and gave all the details. by itself its an incredible piece but all the symbolism makes it even more fascinating. pretty sure if i was in this collage, i'd be the little dog that got replaced.

Yes the timing was really bad,lol. I am happy that you liked it and i tried to analyze it as accurate as i could according to my thoughts. I do not think you are the little dog, i am sure you are the Fool:)

Yeah a very great artwork my compliments. Best regards Armando

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Thank you so much Armando, i am really honoured that you liked it:)

Nice artwork! Love all the symbolism @georgeboya. I have a few decks of Tarot cards and have read them on occasion.

Thank you so much:) The deck is a great inspiration, you can learn a lot about yourself and the situations you must face in life. In a way they can predict the future by making us more open to the things we see in our life:)

I LOVE THIS! Wow! Your explanations of the cards, especially of course the Fool, are spot on for me.
I hope you get to finish your deck someday. Will you be posting any of your other cards?

I am very happy that you like it:) We all have a Fool inside us, i do not know if i ever finish them, i want it very much but i must have the inspiration also. For sure i will present the other cards also. Thank you so much for your kind words and attention:)

Superb art collage. I admire your brain. And that level of creativity and wide span of thoughts put into very corner of the card, amazing...!!! Gorgeous @georgeboya, just gorgeous. =)

Thank you so much for your kind words, actualy my mind is true chaos and not a thing to admire,lol

Great artwork here Sir George and my feel is that in life we all have the fool within us until the end.
Such an arty way to state the truth here.

Thank you so much:) It is so true we all have the Fool inside us and we will till the end. He is the Dreamer and we should always listen to him:)

Totally agreed with you Sir George.
Hope that you have a good weekend.
Maybe you will like the art post that I did today.

Have a great weekend too, i will check it:)

Thank you Sir George.

Thank you for this wonderful article.

I've also shared your post in the Steem Malaysia Community Page on Facebook, hoping to give you the extra exposure because of its good content. Feel free to join this community page is you wish!

I hope by doing this, more content creators/bloggers/vloggers will get to know this wonderful platform we both thrive in. :)

Keep creating awesome content!

Thank you so much Zord, you make me really happy:)

I must have missed this, Awesome to see how much thought and symbolism has gone into this. 22 cards IS extremely ambitious, I'm flat out just finishing one artwork, hopefully we will see you finish the rest of the series!

Thank you so much Jeremy, you make me very happy:) It is the most complicated project i made and every card had a lot of research and work. Hopefully one day i will finish them but i think the rest will be in digital and not handcut form.

Hello @georgeboya, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Thank you so much for the support:)

I can see that such an incredible amount of thought has gone into the creation of this card George. It was great to read all about it, to see just how much symbolic meaning your totally unique design of the Fool has.

Even without the full set completed, you could do online readings by selecting just three of them. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Thank you so much Ally, each card had a lot of work indeed:)