Tree Of Life Tattoo. Original Artwork

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It has been two months since I opened studio Consciousness, where apart from tattooing I also do henna, handmade backpacks, music jam sessions and even gatherings to discuss spiritual practices.

It is exciting to initiate all these things and I am grateful for the opportunity. They; however, leave me no time for steemit. Now I found some and decided to share some artwork.


Some years ago I drew a Tree of Life as gift of appreciation to a friend who gave me a lot of quality-art materials. Thanks Pesho! This is the original design on canvas with "Faber Casstell" pitt brush pens.


A girl who lives in the UK liked it so much that she decided to get it tattooed. It took a total of eight hours in two sessions. It is placed on the forearm. Hope you like it.

имаш 1000 CCC можеш да ги ползваш ;)

Еха! Благодаря много. За първи път чувам за това. Къде мога да прочета повече?

през последните месеци навлязоха много племена и всяко си има свой токен
можеш да влезеш с профила си в
там пише и съответните тагове...
ще разясня нещо ако не разбираш....
(всички си имат свой сайт, клонинг на стиймит)

да и аз така бях.. и все още ми държи влага :) (btw...един от любимите ми гифове) ;)
мрежата се преобразява тотално и наистина се радвам, че се завърна тук....
има какво да си споделяме :)

Really beautiful artwork and i like that the tatoo is all around her arm. It must look very impressive:) If you like you can start using the #creativecoin tag at your posts and you will receive CCC tokens along with Steem. CCC is a token designed for artists, photographers and creative people in general.

Cool beans :) Thanks for the positive feedback.

you are very welcome:)

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Amazing! Thank you!

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