Drawing sexy ladies a Superfood milkshake recipe in McDonalds and Agent Smith (@jameshsmitharts ) fighting Dinosaurs in Arena District ! ! !

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Damn.. already 5am again.. When will I sleep! ?? !

good 'ol FingerSmudge

Been photoshopping the best out of the photos of todays drawing session, which started in McD's.. A place I never go but needed straws for my:

Banana milkshake with Maca and Nutmeg.. / A killer treat

  • 500ml Full Fat Organic Milk
  • 1HUGE spoon of Maca powder
  • A fresh grind of Nutmeg

VOILA! ! A sensual natural Viagra drink :D



So picked and old cardboard from Amazon book shipping mailer to draw on and a pencil and went to get 'em straws..

this is what came out of that in the evening..

So i sat down inside McD's strategically with a view of a pack of asian girls.. always inspired me.. and layed down my tools meanwhile listening to an audiobook: Douglas Adams - Dirk Genly's Hollistic Detective Agency!

What a Laugh and smart read too! Smart Listen i mean.. Douglas Adams is responsable for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in case u did't know already..


I felt a lil bit bad / towards the lady on till , not Ronald McDonald/ to sit there for 2hrs drinking my own beverage so bought a Blueberry pie .. It was worse than my smoothie of course.. it also felt and tasted like a twice fried Always Pad .. dark and dangerous.. no damns given , it made a good counterpoint to my maca goodness

So tonight after the girls fell asleep I took my Guache watercolours and also some blue ink and a pen and some brushes which I have recieved in a knighting ceremony 9 years ago from Agent Smith and tried to do my old friend's gift a justice..


Justice will only be done with persistence in the craft..
Will I succeed? that would be something new...

.. If UR wondering about the technique I use they are the following tools:

  • Recycled paper for neutral BG
  • PENCIL drawing
  • Ink outlines
  • Gioconda OIL Pastels
  • Guache watercolours /tempera.
  • Photoshop finish

Witness Mr.Smith in a fight of life and death in the primordial lands of Arena Estate, THE inspiration for Arena District of @decentraland

By the way @jameshsmitharts aka Mr.Smith is a great illustrator and the one person who introduced me to Steemit and @minnowsupport , for which he has my ethernal gratitude.. he was always supportive of my talent and very encouraging and funny friend to have around. I MISS U JAMES!

Check my other art posts:

I call-her-Mona
My friend Christina

I also host a show on MSP Waves Radio each Monday 10PM UTC called SOUNDS of the UNDERGROUND. I play cool tunes and talk about weird and boring stuff :D and say ehhhh, mhhhhh , aaahhhh a lot :D FUN FUN FUN !

If you are new to STEEMIT and things seem strange, non personal, you find yourself lost or competing against ideas about how you should post, or just looking for support of fellow steemians to share the struggle and the inspiration, if you want to broaden your horizons and discover new dimensions , tune in.. find the support and answers to all your questions.. there is a room for almost everything (and I did forget to mention, you can upvote your posts using community bots.. by far not as cool a feature as all the people and shows on here :D )

if steemit has a voice it is MSPWaves Radio!

Correct me if I'm wrong! There may be more.. I don't know everything :D

enter image description here

Join us on Peace Abundance and Liberty Discord, home of Minnow Support Project

ALL THE BEST to YOU! May you succeed and find joy on Steemit and beyond! .. especially beyond ;D

Feel free to contact me on Discord furius#8964 if you have questions about MSP or Steemit, I'm happy to share the little I know :D

This is "Tree Lady" 3x photoshop in one img, dedicated to @breezin unstoppable farmer from Limpopo great inspiration and online friend.

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Berliner Weisse. Trust me. The two will work together.


Hmmm.m I can imagine it but am a purist when it comes to beer. Even radler is too much of a mix for me.. If u had a drink of that mix I wouldn't refuse a sip tho.. Curious

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Lovin the artwork bro!! And I have finally found my way to your profile on steemit. Nice to link up buddy


Thank you DAn! yes , nice to link uP BRO!! I just saw your Conspiracy contest ! FUN FUN FUN! I'm looking forward to see the entries and start doubting my reality again :D !!


You should enter into it mate. You have some great stories on your show. Thanks for the re-steem anyway. Looking forwards to the show tonight, but got my daughter with me so no amp and speakers ;)

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Woow! Awesomenesss! Thank you @isaria ! That's great ! Thanks again!