Crayon Contest ~ 10 SBD

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Let's have a crayon contest. This is as simple as it gets. Winner picked at post payout


1.) Use Crayons (ONLY the type in the post photo)

2.) Original work

3.) Make your own blog post with artwork and link to the comments of this post

4.) Using your children to draw for you is 100% okay

5.) Have fun


Here is my entry. 1 entry for 2 kids. They both wanted to participate.

Thanks @ErodedThoughts I look forward to seeing the entries in this contest! I appreciate the initiative and encouragement (especially for kid participation!) Here is my entry post. Are you going to show us your Crayola King Skills?

How old was the coloring person on this?

I colored this when I was about 20 years old... I am 37 now. =)

Very cool. My little ones overtake any thing I start to color. That's why I thought this was a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

I really got excited when I saw you mention crayons in the chat... so I came and looked... and boom! This is right up my ally! I asked about the mixed media because I have a couple of other artworks with crayons... just not all crayon. I will post them here just to show you!



I was one of the little ones taking over the colors from my parents and siblings! hahaha Thanks for offering such a creative outlet for us to share!

here's my entry


( glad i didn't throw my old crayons hahaha )

10 SBDs is a lot yoh! Gotta enter this one :D

I already have a drawing (by my young man) but its drawn with markers and my head looks like a pineapple lol so we shall be doing another! Watch this space :D

Glad to see kids

And here is 'our masterpiece' :D


I was gonna ask if #4 was ok, but you pre-emptivly approved it. Now it's a family contest - love it!

YES! I want to see some kids out color these steemit artist that are brave enough to enter!

My daughter's only 7, but she can draw circles around me. Kawaii stuff naturally, since she lived in Asia for 6 of her 7 years. Now I just have to figure out a blog post.

Now I'm scared... 😅

Your challenge was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (29.01-04.02): Win free SBD and STEEM for current week.

Thank you @erodedthoughts for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free SBD.

I hope to see you enter as well

My entry #1:

It is a calm and peaceful day for a family picnic. The sky is blue and the sun is bright bringing warmth to my skin. The grass is green and lush to enjoy a family day of fun outdoor. This is the best day of the week so far after we've been hit by more than a week of rain. As such, the family is planning to gather and have fun in the sun. Nature is beautiful!


Guess it's time for me to go abduct a few orphans and force them to work in my crayon drawing sweat shop.

Solid plan, I like the way you think.

Whatever it takes!

The more realistic thing would be to drink some whiskey and find myself some crayons and just make myself draw while I'm drunk. I might just do that.

Just be careful not to eat crayons and paint with whiskey at some time. :D

I mean, they make crayons non toxic for a reason. Just saying.

The guy at the liquor store said Jack Daniels pairs quite nicely with Crayola.


Yeah, people are always laughing at me.

I never know what to expect, lol

Imma 'bout half way into a bottle of rum and not sure I would trust myself with crayons. Gonna leave the drawing up to the kids I think. Writing I'm cool. Just like Hemmingway said "write drunk, edit sober."

But write while standing on one leg. So your writings are not too long. :) since you need to finish before it is sore.

I don't think I would have been ABLE to stand on one leg last night.

Straight crayons, not crayon pencils. Sorry.

Hmmm. I will have to dig out my crayons...I might be able to get my hands on this one. lol

Good man still having crayons!

Oh yeah, I got em and also the shorty Crayola markers from when I host games. lol Now I just need to figure out what to doodle. No kids here, just the resident man channeling child-form. ^_^

Working on it...


DAMN! You went big box!

Oh yeah! For less than $3 fiat garbage of torture device "money," one may acquire a box of creative potential in 64 unique hues.

What a deal, man!

Thanks for getting me to bust em open. I was doing a healing work while consulting with a good friend today.

I posted more of it on my steepshot and will link here -

And to think that I just got rid of all my crayons...

They are doing a name the color contest now, $50,000 to winner, I think. Great time to re-up.

whos doing it? thats amazing...

Guess I better go buy some crayons! :O All I have are markers. XD How long is this contest on for? Lol.

It's never too late for new crayons!

When is the deadline! Cause I can go get some tomorrow!

7 days at post payout.

Suhweet! I'm stoked.

Could I share the drawings of my 4-year-old daughter's kindergarten ???. they are very beautiful or at least to me they are beautiful;)

Success to the participants !!!

Yes! That is a perfect entry!

hahahahaha thank you already upload ;)

Wow am dropping mine soon
Thanks for such a great contest

Can't wait to see it


I am so down for this! I'll start digging for Crayons sir :)

Are you accepting?

Of course I am, as soon as I get some crayons I'll get to it

Finding some was harder than I thought it would be... Could not find any anywhere...
These were the best I could find... I might start with these see how that goes and try to find some decent ones haha.
WhatsApp Image 2018-01-28 at 18.02.09.jpeg

Haha even tho I am sure I would get bonus points for making my own crayons... I think somewhere this week I'll just drive a cite or 2 further to find an art store

My daughter Reset the figure with joy for you.

I hope this qualifies.

Upvoted and resteemed this post so others may join. ☺️

Here's my entry, hope you like it @erodedthoughts. Thank you for this fun contest 😊

aw the Kids only have crayons at their mother's place. I was going to have my step-son draw something hehe Oh well, maybe next time.

Dollar store bro!

True. Though closed now, stores will be open tomorrow.

(btw, I'm not a bro lol but a sis)

LOL, the comment makes much more sense now.

If I don't have any crayons can I skip rule 1 and eat an alligator?

Hey man, someone's got to eat the alligators.

Hi @erodedthoughts, thanks for this creative contest, great idea that's simple yet interesting and here's my entry... hope you like it.


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Can I still join the contest? @erodedthoughts

100% Crayon? Can it be mostly Crayon?

Yes, I have a couple of artworks that have pencil in one and a little marker in another... but Mostly Crayons?!!

No, 100% crayon

Thank You =)

Yes, 100% crayon

No monkey business I guess... Mostly isn't 100%

This Monkeys life.jpg

I did this piece with crayon over a postcard, I wanted to atleast share it.

That's awesome, now do something in just crayons!

Sorry, those are color pencils. Please try again.

tbh these are crayons, what you people call "crayons" are just crayolas

There are more brands than crayolas but these are crayon PENCILS if you want to get technical. Straight crayons only will be accepted. Being they are a form pencils it makes straight edges and form too easy.

I also went out of my way to show a picture of crayons to clarify.

Thanks you heheheh

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