Black Hulk - Teaser Video - Sony A7III

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Here's a little teaser for a project I filmed back in May. Can't wait to share the finished video with everyone. As always this was shot on the Sony A7III using the Rokinon t1.5 Cine lens kit (24mm - 35mm - 85mm). Pretty much all of this was shot handheld or using a shoulder rig.

This is 120 fps footage that was edited in a 1440 x 1080p sequence to give it a 4:3 aspect Ratio. I then upscaled the video to 4K when it was exported. The only real downside is that it renders black bars on the sides of the video - I'm sure theres is a way I can scale / export the video to give me the desired resolution but not have the bars.... But I was feeling kind of lazy - hahahahaha.

Youtube really compresses 1080p video so there great benefit in uploading higher resolution copies of your videos - Because even if a viewer is watching it in 1080p they are not watching a compressed 1080p file it's just a 1080p stream of a 4k file. If that makes any sense.

The release of my next music video has been pushed from yesterday (28th Of November) to Friday December 6th. This one is going to blow you guys away!

You can check out Black Hulk on Instagram by following the link below.

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