Would You Climb This? By EdgarsArt

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I have been obsessed with trees all my life actually. Since the very childhood I worked with my father in the forest and every summer I waited so much when I will once again go with him,to prepare the wood for the winter.
The whole process filled me up with joy and happiness. I was doing everything with my hands. Picking up logs, long 2 metre logs and putting them in lines. Cutting down the sick and old trees so that the forrest could function. So that it could develop further and the younger,more powerful ones would have more power to survive and grow.

The smell of them,the warmness they make you feel,the sense of feeling that they are alive too.
They speak to you and without words they are making you feel their presence,their power and you feel then how big of a part they are of our nature.
This photo I took couple of days ago,and the motive for me to take it was the importance they have and had in my life. In my childhood too.
For me they are something more. For me they posses freedom,happiness,meaning,fullness.
I am thinking of continuing making captured like this one and make it a serie of them.


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I too have a deep love of trees ;-)

It was always my favorite thing to draw as a kid.

I'm always much happier when surrounded by trees. I love the jungle, and the forests of Canada. From tame pine trees, all planted neatly in rows, to venerable old oaks that dominate their surroundings, there is something mystical about trees.

I have been lost in the forest many times but I never felt afraid, because I was with the trees, and the trees never meant me any harm.

I've been lost among people too, and that is a very different feeling.

Oh you are so right. I loved what you mentioned about being lost. That is so true if only we could learn something from the nature, like how to be calm and accepting like the nature is.

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sounds awesome, i will check it out:)

It's a very wonderful job, I'm very impressed with your story.
I am very happy with the forest let alone the forest that many large trees.

Thank you so much mahera! I just started following you too!

thank you also have followed me back

muy buena tu historia sobre los arboles y de porque te gustan tanto, claro ellos son hermosos y son el mejor regalo de la naturaleza

Yes, I would (if I could :)) climb it!
A series with photos like this it's a good idea.

Oh thanks,yea I have made 3 more new ones already

Wow it's nice photography and blog.i really like it. Tnx for share

Thank you!

Trees in particular give me a sense of peace when I'm among them, as if I'm sheltered beneath their boughs from the outside world.

Rather than a crowded club with booming music and frantic bodies heaving, I prefer to lose myself deep within a forest. Branches whipping past my face as I dash to and fro laughing with a manic grin.

There exists no desire within me to climb any however, due to my intense phobia of heights throwing a bit of a wrench in things.

Oh I can so much relate to that feeling. Just like someone already said earlier- sometimes their company is better than being amongst other humans. Since the ancient times too they have a really strong impact on people and they posses power,happiness,growth

I too loved that time of year when Dad would cut trees for the fireplace and access which were the ones that were in poor condition. He decided later in his 50’s to plant a Christmas tree farm with many varieties but never had the heart to cut them down. You should do a series. This tree is pretty amazing. 🐓🐓