A sketch for MerMay

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Here is a snippet of my sketch, could she be merely a lady out for a stroll?

A lovely day for an above the surface Sea Stroll for our Lady mermaid


The sketch without watercolour

As boring as it is to go on about how busy one is...I'm still really busy! And it is mainly with bathroom rehab, general house repairs and also gardening. Getting the house ready to let for the Summer is an all consuming task leaving very little time for much else.

I do still try to steal some early morning time to sketch or paint.

It is often before the sun is up and I sit at my desk with my coffee and try not to look at the list I've made the day before for the things to finish that day. It is better than nothing.

I only recently found out it is "MerMay" or that it is even a thing. I do love a good mermaid sketch, though I tend to consider my mermaids in a different light, so I thought I could manage a sketch and some colour added. I hope you enjoy her.

Here she is growing in colour

I hope everyone has a lovely day and finds a stolen moment to engage in their passions.

As always, if you feel so inclined, upvote, resteem, and by all means comment.

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It looks good. Do you use a pencil before inking or just ink directly?

Thanks @adamada this is actually pencil with varying size and pressure. When I ink over it, it will be much smoother and more stark black to white ratio :)

Hehe, oh I looked the mermaid lady. Traveling incognito!

It's a busy time this bit just before summer hits isn't it! Needs must and all that

Tee hee @meesterboom she's a tricky lil one eh, a gentleman will see a lady in distress gliding along the sea's surface and need to rescue her.

Yes, so busy and I'm adding our main house to my summer rental schedule so the amount of things I need to get done...a lot.

Hmmmm. Usually what is hidden beneath the surface is far greater than what is visible above. I wonder if I should be looking at it upside down? Or is that just the iceberg in me talking again. lol

Well, @onceuponatime you could view it upside down. Possibly I should post it this way when I share it again when I do something else to it. I thought, like a swan with it's utilitarian ugly feet under the water and on top the beauty glides along, that is sort of what I was going for :)

Not to worry. I can always stand on my head :-)

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Thanks @c-squared you guys are nice :)

Well this is one drawing with a surprise in the tail! A beautiful piece of artwork, I love the work in progress gif as the colours develop.

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I can only imagine how time-consuming tiring and stressful the rehab is but I am glad you can find some time for your art, I love this piece

Beautiful piece Donna. Loved the surprise element of the tail. Lovely concept to begin with. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎