A Pugnacious Pug in my Current Singularity Painting Work in Progress.

in art •  2 months ago

A pug plays a role in my current painting.


A larger bit of this section of my current painting.

I have shared some of my current painting with you the other day. And here is a bit of the sketch of this section with another little friend, not painted in yet.


The plot thickens, what else could be happening in this painting? Who can say? Even I can't say, as there is a bit I am still considering even at this painting in stage in digital oil.

Here we are again, at Friday, this week has speed by. I would pontificate and wax poetic a bit more, but I feel the day is getting away from me. I will close then, just wanting to share some of this section I have been working on this week.

I hope you have had a productive week and are looking into a fun relaxing weekend.
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what a perfect little pug.

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your talent is amazing

very beautiful work Dona, i love his pose :) is he drunk ? :D