A mermaid, a trip to Whitstable, and a new Chair.

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A Mermaid's Tea


A picture I made a few years ago, which has been quite popular on things from duvet covers to wall decals. It does seem a fitting imgae for today's post, as yesterday we went to Whitstable and eat seafood at Wheelers.

It is an amazing little oyster bar that does wonderful sea food.

It is the oldest Oyster restaurant in the area.

It is a quirky little place inside, all angles and odd bits and bobs. It makes me rather think of that sort of place on Cape Cod with old cracked antiques and floors at odd angles. I was so into my day, however, that I took very few pictures.

It seems when one is enjoying their life it is harder to remind oneself to capture it in digital images.

This image I found online does show the little room in which we sat.

It wasn't until we were on our way home that I realized I had NOT taken an image of our amazing food. The seafood is obviously quite fresh and served to order, but despite it looking like a local clam shack, as the parlance might be back on Cape Cod in the USA, they serve their food with a bit of modernist panache'.

I had scallops with duck confit fish fingers and pickled veg.

I could not find a photo online of that same dish, but this version of their scallops sort of gives the idea, though mine was presented a bit more artistic with the homemade mayonaise and mustard dressings made into dots and lines on the plate that Joan Miro' would have been proud of.


Whitstable is a lovely little sea-side town.

And I've been lucky with light when we are about visiting places and I think to snap a photo.

There is a wonderful mix of old and new here and such pieces of 'friendly grafitti' as I call these sort of pieces, or "Fanksy" (that is 'fake' Banksy) can be found here and there.

The purpose for this trip was to procure my 2nd piece of English furniture.

You will recall that yesterday I talked about my new little desk well, the next item on my list was a comfy chair.

To have a little place to write and draw was first on the list, but then to sit and look out my little studio window at the garden or to simply dream away an afternoon, I'd need a good sort of chair.

I was rather like Goldilocks, wanting something not too soft, or too hard, but just right.

I found it in this odd little thing.

It is a sort of George II sytle wing chair, with it's funny little curves. And the upholstery just suits me, that sort of mixture between old Gran in the Garden and the savagery of a Stag Hunt.

Kitsch would not be a misnomer for this fabric,

but I rather like that. A bit of tongue in cheek is always good in your decor, I feel anyway.

So, the "Room of One's Own" that my dear garden ghost Virginia Spoke of is coming together.

A desk , a chair and tea cup and thou...

Today we are off to Chartham to a large charity shop/antique shop to see what we can see. I have meticulously taken down measurements in this and that corner and have a running tally of things like bookcases, side tables, rugs, a good pitcher or vase for my window ledge to catch the roses and ferns I will cut from the garden and any sort of objet d'art or bibelot that catches my fancy.

I am trying to stick with a morning routine, but to-doing continues to beckon.

I hope you all have a lovely day wherever you are and that you get a chance to sniff around a little shop searching for things needed or simply things desired. Make it an old musty dusty curiosity shop and all's the more fun!

Check out my other posts, if you like, and by all means upvote, resteem and yes leave comments!

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It seems when one is enjoying their life it is harder to remind oneself to capture it in digital images.

Exactly! I felt so awful for not taking pictures post-Steemfest, but at the time, it just skipped my mind completely to take out my phone and start capturing everything. I was too busy living it...
So good on you for enjoying your trip! <3 That restaurant looks so sweet and cozy <3 and the sun....man, it makes me miss England.


That is what I am trying to get round now @honeydue, that I am finally here in England in a 'room of my own' is documentation. I'm so happy to be out and living life it's documentation needs to given a slot in my daily schedule I think :)


You should be <3 Although I'm guessing it's getting pretty cold out there as well (it certainly is here...).

I'm so happy to be out and living life

I love this sentence - you can feel the happiness behind it, that realization that 'dude, this is life' that just gives you an incredible high. Well, may that high last for a long time! Have fun out there! And try to get some pictures, 'cause I just keep imagining you (well, weird 'cause I've never seen ya, but still.) old stumbling upon some of them and remembering the lovely times you're having now. And at the same time, enjoy now, make memories <3

Incredible! There's a lot going on here! I love the style. I love the tea! I love the ocean spray!!! I love all of this!!!!

I grew up land-locked and didn't see the ocean until I was 18 and could travel. My favorite seaside town in the U.S. is Newport Oregon.


I've always loved the sea and lakes and streams. I'm somewhat water obsessed, but here we are a bit inland in our area of Kent as it makes for a warmer Winter, but really we're a 20 min drive from the sea if I need a recharge :)

Can see why the mermaid drawing would be popular, it's fantastic XD

Is that chair in your house now? Looks very much like something you'd find in an English granny's house XD

That seafood place looks brilliant. And while it's nice to have photos i think its better you were enjoying yourself too much to take any ;D

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Yes that is the chair in situ, in my new little studio off my room in our new (well very old ) English house!
As I said, my style is a bit gran mixed with blood sport, so the stag hunt scene in a wing chair just suits me :)

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Beautiful Art, beautiful Chair, beautiful House, beautiful Restaurant. Looks like things are pretty good for you right now! I'm so happy to see it.

Sydne had a chair that was upholstered in nearly the same fabric. I don't remember where she got it, or any of the story, but I do remember the fabric.

Thanks for a really lovely post. I really do appreciate it.

what a lovely day! this line made me giggle:

old Gran in the Garden and the savagery of a Stag Hunt.

glad you are piece by piece making it a home of ones own... :)

I love your posts, Donna <3 They bring so much ambiance and shows off your corner of the world so vividly * ___ *!!!

The photos are wonderful and I love the picture of the mermaid having tea, sitting on the rocks, as well :D I can imagine that it would be nice for underwater people to enjoy tea from time to time, yep !

Yum, oysters! I love shellfish but sadly, my partner does not.

I absolutely understand your reasoning for the lack of photos at the oyster bar. I went to an amazing late night dim-sum restaurant and I didn’t snap a single photo. My mind was focused on the savory dishes placed before my eyes.