Evil version of the original speedster in Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen

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10 years after becoming a member of the Crime Syndicate, they went to their favorite restaurant in Washington and celebrated their anniversary. This character later appeared in the center of the Multiverse known as the House of Heroes. He participated in the salvation of all known Earths. Jonathan later learned of the new powers that had been released by the "Flash War". A few days later, the Crime Syndicate of America clashed with Superman's son on an alternate earth and noticed the symbol of the creator of the Multiverse.

Today you will learn the continuation of the story of Johnny Quick.

The action takes place on Earth 3 in Centropolis. Jonathan is a member of the Crime Syndicate of America. It includes:

  • Ultraman
  • Owlman
  • Power Ring (Hal Jordan)
  • Superwoman
  • Johnny Quick

While at the secret base, John meets the rest of the Crime Syndicate. After that, they waited for the arrival of Apex Lex (0). Johnny senses great instability in the Multiverse and the Speed Force. The Power Ring consoles Allen. A few minutes later, Alexander (0) moved to Earth 3. After the conversation, the villains move to Lex's spaceship called Godhead.
The action continued on Godhead. After moving, Luthor led the Crime Syndicate of America to Perpetua (Sixth Dimension). Along the way, the villains notice two prison cells in which the World Forger (Sixth Dimension) and Monitor (Sixth Dimension) are locked. The villains also notice the Anti-Monitor (Sixth Dimension), who forged something using the hammer of Alpheus. Arriving at Perpetua, the Crime Syndicate ask her to make them their loyal servants. Perpetua agrees. Later, the main character learns that Perpetua turned most of the people (3) into the Apex Predators (3). It ends with Perpetua and the instability in the Speed ​​Force killing Jonathan, turning him into a pile of bones.

I hope you will like it.



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