The evil version of the original speedster in DC's Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special

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This character first appeared in the center of the Multiverse known as the House of Heroes. He participated in the salvation of all known Earths. Jonathan later learned of the new powers that had been released by the "Flash War".

Today we will talk about the continuation of the story of Johnny Quick.

The action takes place on a new Earth 3. It all started in Central City (new 3), when John personally kills his father. A few years later, Jonathan and his lover Ronda Pineda (new 3) killed Sergeant Scudder (new 3), and then Officer Walker (new 3). As soon as the couple killed Detective Mardon (new 3), the rest of the police arrived. The cops locked Johnny in a separate police car, whose drivers were Officer Snart (new 3) and Officer Rory (new 3). During the transportation, Allen vowed to kill them. On the way, a truck crashed into a car, at the wheel of which Ronda turned out to be. Having got out of the car, the main character kissed Pineda. Noticing the wounded Snart and Rory, the villains took them hostage. Peering into the abandoned cellar of S. T. A. R. Labs (new 3), the couple began to torture officers. After some time, it occurred to them to free the cops so that they would fight each other to death. The surviving officer will leave and save the life of his family. After killing Lenny, Rory asked the villains not to touch his family. However, John shot him in the forehead with a bullet. Hearing the police sirens, the villains fled to the roof of S. T. A. R. Labs. Stopping by the satellite dish, Johnny and Rhonda decided to die together. When the police arrived on the roof, lightning, striking a satellite dish, hit Allen and threw Pineda so that it fell to the lower floor. A few minutes after the lightning strike, the protagonist acquired super-speed, and Rhonda decreased. After escaping from the police, the villains stopped in the nearest building to learn more about their new abilities. Over the next few hours, the villains created special suits that could withstand any of their new ability. So there appeared Johnny Quick and Atomica.
After 5 years, the villains became members of the Crime Syndicate (CS), known as the "Crime Syndicate of America" ​​(CSA). In its composition:

  • Ultraman (new 3)
  • Atomica (new 3)
  • Deathstorm (new 3)
  • Outsider (new 3)
  • Martian (new 3)
  • Owlman (new 3)
  • Talon (new 3)
  • Power Ring (Hal Jordan) (new 3)
  • Sea King (new 3)
  • Superwoman (new 3)
  • Mazahs (Will Baston) (new 3)
  • Hawkwing (new 3)
  • Johnny Quick

After a few weeks, the villains learn that:

  • Alexander Luthor (new 3) killed Will and Hawking and then absorbed their abilities
  • Joker (new 3) killed Richard
  • one of their enemies killed J'onn, Rhonda and the Sea King

As a result, the protagonist becomes a member of the new Crime Syndicate. The new Crime Syndicate of America includes:

  • Ultraman
  • Deathstorm
  • Owlman
  • Power Ring
  • Superwoman
  • Johnny Quick

After 10 years, all villains except Deathstorm come to the nearest Washington restaurant (new 3) to celebrate July 4th. Jonathan sees Volthoom humiliate the Power Ring. When Superwoman told John about her secret drug warehouse, only for speedster, he runs there. After eating them, Johnny returns to the restaurant. Lane later uses Nth metal to immobilize the rest of the Crime Syndicate except Martin. A few minutes later, the villains realize that Thomas, standing in front of them, turned out to be a robot. Immediately after this, the real Wayne Jr., breaking into the restaurant, attacks the villains. Owlman defeats Kal-Il, Superwoman, Harold and Allen. As a result, Thomas becomes the new leader of the Crime Syndicate of America.

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