Steemit Exclusive : A Graphic Design Class! Lesson 2 - Logos

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Hello again!

Welcome to the second lesson of my Graphic Design School!

Previous lesson was about an overview of the field, and I recommend checking it out before you start with the second lesson!

Anyways, let's get to it!

Lesson #2

Logos and their meaning

So what is a logo?

Simply said, logo is a medium that defines an organisation. Logo is a medium that separates you from the others.

What should a good logo look like?

It should be simple. Quick to understand. Deliver a quick message.
Complicated logos are not essentially bad, but they often fail at their purpose. To deliver a quick message.

So, let's make this more understandable, and let me show you some of the best examples!


Take a good look on this one. That is a very smart use of a logo.

Skarsgard is a name of the owner, thus the S, and the general shape of the logo is to symbolize a nail, used in construction. Also notice how thick the S is, to represent the strength and reliability of the company. What more do you need?

What about this one? This is one of the most famous examples of a good logo.

The FedEx logo is a perfect example of using a negative space.

Have you noticed that arrow there? Between the letters E and x? Pretty cool right? Once you see it, it cannot be unseen. You also get a little rewarding moment for figuring it out. That's what a creative logo should aim for.


This is a logo of Virgin Records, created in the late 70's when Virgin was a small company.
It is done as a wordmark, and the energy of the writing and the angle of it, represents the company vibe very well.

So, when do you use a logo, and when a wordmark?

Generally, if you are a small company, you should go for a wordmark, rather than logo.
That is because it takes a lot of advertising and marketing to have enough power to just represent your company with this :


or this


These two are huge companies, that don't need to use words anymore. A viewer looks, a viewer instantly knows.

Logos are also known as having more emotional impact on the viewer. Let's look on an example.

Which of the two has a bigger impact on you?

This :

pepsi-page2015 (2).png

or this?

Pepsi_logo_2014.svg (2).png

And that's about it!

Always remember, Logo = simple, creative, with a message. Quick message.

Thank you for your attention and see you at next lesson, this time about packaging!

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Have a great day!

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Interesting post. It would be interesting to read about how you come up with a simple, creative logo with a message :)


Thank you! That's a great idea, I will think about it :)

This wll be very intresting for my soon , thank you for posting )


Thank you @patelincho !
Another lesson is coming today!:)

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