When You Need to Chill

in art •  3 months ago

After decades of raising children, working inside & outside of the home, homeschooling, teaching profesionally, writing & editing books...it's such a blessing to be able to take a morning off when it's needed.


This morning, I felt like I was coming down with some sort of cold or sickness. I guess it had been building up for a few days, when I spoke about how grueling my morning jog felt yesterday.
So...@joechiappetta, being the compassionate soul that he is, encouraged me to take the morning off & chill.


After a little nap, it seemed to be the opportune moment to create with my recently acquired Lite Brite which I gushed about in my previous post "Remember That Toy You Loved As A Kid?"

What a pleasure it was to sit on the bed, playing with my toy. I haven't been a three year old for many, many, many years. But I imagine it felt pretty nice to not have to be doing anything, no responsibilties, just play. I got a little bit back in touch with that long lost feeling this morning.


You can see the progression of my design.


I used every peg I had. Which happens to be my big beef with the makers of Lite Brite. I WANT MORE PEGS! As a kid, I recall having enough pegs to fill the entire screen. I can't help but feel a little cheated.


But, this was a morning to relax & focus on the positive. We all come up a few pegs short at times. And that's ok. 😉




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pretty art work, i appreciate this a lot


Take care dear and enjoy the day :)


Thanks so much @blazing :)