Fabulous Art at the Pasadena Chalk Festival

in art •  5 months ago

Want to see some amazing works of art being created in real time? Then plan to take a trip to Pasadena, California next summer for their annual chalk festival!


You can see the artists on their hands and knees on the sidewalk, working away for hours over a two day period creating their art. This year the event took place on Father's Day weekend, right next to the annual Father's Day Car show I featured in my Beautiful Cars post.


There are whimsical, fantastical, political, religious and just plain gorgeous creations.


These were a few of my favorites.


There is also live music and of course, lots of food!


You just have to love summer!



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Beautiful post, such an amazing art! Loved it! I've nominated this post to The Daily spotlights, by @pixresteemer! Cheers!


Thank you so much @nolasco! I so appreciate this and am encouraged by the support :)


My pleasure, Denise! Cheers!

Thanks for sharing these such amazing art works the artists are so talented

Pretty cool to hangout there the dr starnge art is looking fab

I'm blown away to see such talent! My favorite is the birds as the one looks like Jimmy (our sun conure). Great post @denisechips!! ❤

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