Antique Lamp Restoration Project Finished!

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I'm back with another lamp! This one was quite an endeavor and I'm happy to share it with you today, while it is still #NeedleworkMonday.

Current Project - This one is called "Wedding Day"

"The alternating four large panels feature fabric from a 1920’s beaded silk flapper dress with a gorgeous embroidered chevron pattern. The smaller panels feature an antique metallic white and gold lace in a delicate scrolling floral pattern. The entire shade is finished with a delightful metal trim that is “new old stock” vintage material, and is very difficult to find.

The Making Process

The original lamp was quite a dusty old mess when it arrived. Dirty, scratched paint and a ratty old cord! I cleaned the lamp up and whisked it off to my electrician for new wiring and parts.

The frame wrap, installation of the lining and sew-on of the white silk charmeuse was nothing out of the ordinary for this shade, but I always enjoy sharing it with you to give you a sense of how much effort goes into making one of these beautiful shades.

I decided early on that I would use material from a 1920"s flapper dress to decorate the large of this shade. The fabric is beaded and has a gorgeous chevron embroidery pattern in silk. For the smaller panels, I originally used lace from a 1910 dress. However, I felt that the shade needed more gold so I replaced dress lace with an antique white lace with metallic gold thread.

With the shade nearly complete, I set to work on the beads. For this lamp, I wanted a long strand that would create a chevron pattern that followed the line of the frame. The bead selection was actually quite difficult as, only three colors were desired; green, variations of white, and gold. I used milky Czech bi-cones, green glass pearls, lustrous creme pearls, gold plated filigree end caps and thousands of tiny gold beads. The shade holds 2,343 pieces.

This is what "inspection time" looked like while I was designing the master bead strand, while on the beading ledge. I think Dax did a pretty good job!

The Finished Lamp

Here's a few shots of the finished lamp. Looking pretty!

More angles. Woot!

This #NeedleworkMonday post is "Dax Approved".

Have a great week!

Happy #NeedleworkMonday, everyone!

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Hi @crystalize, yet another exquisite, breathtaking project ("Dax Approved" of course hehe) from you 😍 Thank you for sharing.

Thanks, @marblely! Good to "see" you again!

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I'm not sure what that means, but thank you. (Smile)

Just keep on posting quality!

I'm always amazed when I see your posts and creations! This is beautiful!

What a wonderful compliment, @goldendawne! Thank you for the kind words!

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Whooo Hoooo my girl is back!!!!! 😃 It’s so good to see you posting again, I sure have missed you too! 😘 I hope you got everything worked out!

What an awesome return with such a gorgeous lampshade! I love the name of it, it suits it well. I love the closeup pics of the beads! 😍

Welcome back my dear and it’s good to see Dax back at work too!! 😄😘

Thank you so much @crosheille! It is good to be back. Woot...I got it all worked out, and Friday is my first day. Yay! This lamp seemed to go on for months! I actually did two others in the interim that I will soon share. I'm trying something different a new, and thus far, it is "Dax Apperoved". LOL.

Woot! Woot! Yay that is great news!!! 😃

I look forward to seeing what else you’ve been working on! I know if it’s Dax Approved it will be Amazing!!! LOL 😆

Love it! I'm so glad Dax approved! Happy to see you back on here. It's a nice looking lamp - I love the beads and the fancy dress you used.

Thanks so much @apanamamama! It is nice to be back. I even made it in time for #NeedlworkMonday. LOL.

Glad you made it back in time! Love that lamp. It's so nice and elegant. :)

Oh my gosh you are back!!😍. I am so happy to see you and your one of a kind antiques although I have my fair share of viewing them from facebook. This wedding day lamp is also just as pretty well when your adorned with 2, 343 beads you have to be pretty lol! Also I'm glad Dax approves! I hope she didn't have her way with the beads by sticking them in her mouth though, she looks fluffier than the last time I saw her, how was your vacation from steemit Dax😁. Good to have you back @crystalize!

Hi @wondermaey! I'm glad to be back for #NeedleworkMonday...woot! Yes, I did catch Dax eating beads--I have no idea why she loves them so. Thanks so much for your continued support and friendship!

Wow, what a gorgeous work @crystalize! I love the beautiful material and the beads work. Long dangling beads are so elegant...sigh😍
And I didn't know the lamp shade could be handmade, and if cource with your excellent crafting skill! thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much for the kind compliments, @naomipangolin! This lampshade was challenging and I'm so glad to hear that people like it!

Yay ! I have been missing you and Dax, @crystalize. I really like seeing the creation process and it also shows how much work goes into each lamp 😍
Oh and do have a look at #fiberartists as well ...

Thank you @cryptocariad! It is nice to be back! Dax and I missed everyone!!

Another really good looking shade!

Thank you, @amberyooper!

Good job, human! Good job, Dax! 😸
It really is beautiful!

Thank so much, @phoenixwren! This one took so much longer than it should have. I think Dax needs to be a better taskmaster. LOL!

LOL, I'm picturing that. "I'm on the beading ledge, I need a break!"
Dax: "Meow!!!"
You: "Well okay, bossyfur... "

And that is how it happened @phoenixwren!

You (and Dax) are back!!! Great to read again from you and the project is lovely (although I have to admit, I would have liked the dress.... :-D)

Hi @newumannsalva! Yeah, I had some major job-change issues that stole my attention for awhile. But I'm glad to have most of that resolved. Back to NWM!!! I, too , loved the dress but it was too far gone to wear. Time can be cruel to beaded silk chiffon. At least it got new life. Woot!

wow, pretty art, all the pictures are really cool, good luck alaways friends

Thank you, @bungaterakhir! I appreciate the visit and positive feedback!

Wow, amazing art

Wow! Look at that!!!! 👌👌👌

It was fun to make, @bloghound!

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