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The Black Lamp Collection - Peacock Noir

I'm thrilled to report that this gem of a hanging lamp sold today, on Etsy! The lamp features an outer layer of silk mesh lace with gold threads, an amazing vintage metalwork peacock taken from a vintage Indian handbag, and a stunning beaded and sequin trim from my collection. I think the new owner is going to love this one.

The Black Lamp Collection - Flamingo Noir

This wild ride of a hanging lamp sold last week! So much fun and color going on here, it was both a risk and a delight to make. This lamp featured fuchsia and black feathers, antique dot hat netting with pink glitter, a stunning rhinestone flamingo brooch and some great vintage trim. As usual, Dax is on point for inspection!

The Black Lamp Collection - Steampunk Roes

The steampunk Roses hanging lamp was the first of my Black Lamp Collection to sell. This beauty features a fantastic dotted mesh I had sent over from England, a ton of handmade fabric roses I bought from a California Artisan, and those amazing red and black pheasant feathers. This one was actually quite hard to make, given the flexibility of that dotted net! Gah...hard to sew it on and make it stay.

The Ravens you guys remember the Steampunk Ravens lamp I made? It sold! It was soooooo hard to put this one in a box and send it to its new home! This one was out of this world, in terms of design, materials and intense theme. I will miss it, and I KNOW that Dax will miss it. The feathers were irresistible for her.

Current Project - Chinese Lantern

The last time I posted, I shared just the wrapping phase of this frame. Much has been done since! As you can see, the vivid aqua-colored silk, with an Asian Chrysanthemum embroidery seems to change color based on the light in which it is photographed. I just ordered some amazing Czech drop beads for the bottom, which will not arrive for a week, so I'll be starting a new lamp while I wait. Once I get the beads hand-strung and sewn on I'll finished the gold trim on the bottom and get some good pictures of it. Not yet sure if I want to try selling it as "shade only" or if I will make it a full lamp set. Ideas?

Staying Insanely Busy

While I wait for the beads to arrive for the Chinese Lantern, I'm trying do decide what I want to work on next. A part of me wants to start a floor lamp, but those are so very hard to ship, and I have no idea what the appetite is for them, out there in the world. I'm also feeling the pull of neutrals--white, creme, tan and gold. I'll just wait and see where I land! Have an amazing day, team #NeedleworkMonday!

Happy #NeedleworkMonday, everyone!

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wow !!!!! how much beauty in one post !!!!! I can not even choose which of the lamps I like more. perhaps, it's still a lamp with feathers of pheasants. she's just magical !!!! I congratulate you on the sales of your works !!!!! The new lamp is very intriguing !!! :)

Thanks so much @tali72! I have been running like crazy with these black lamps. Who would have known they would be so popular! I'm so happy to hear that you like them--thanks for the kindness and support!

Love catching up on what is going on. I keep updated on your sales on facebook, so that's pretty cool to see that you're getting some of them sold. They're beautiful! I like the Chinese one and the way it's coming along. Can't wait to see the final product. Yeah, I bet it is difficult to ship a lamp on a stand. Too bad they don't make them with telescoping parts so you could fit it in a much smaller box!! ;) Thanks for the update!

Thanks so much for being a Facebook follower, @apanamamama! I really do appreciate it. Yes, the Chinese one is a very new experience for me. I just LOVE that chrysanthemum pattern and the bright colors. Looks like the drop beads arrive this Friday...woot!

I saw that you go some crystals on FB! Wow!! Looks like a sparkly party!!!

Yay. You're back. Love the Steampunk Roses and that Chinese lantern one is looking pretty nice too!

Hey @choogirl! I figured I'd cover a couple of weeks in one big ol' post. LOL. The new lamp is going to be spectacular. Woot!

It’s so good to see what you’ve been working on! Whoa there’s beauty all throughout this post! I shouldn’t dare because I love all of them but I have to agree with @choogirl...I’m lovin that Steempunk Rose one, it’s Gorgeously Beautiful!!

Congrats on all of your sells and I hope you continue to get them! I love the color of the Chinese one, it looks fantastic!!

Thanks so much for the update! ❤️

Well look at that...NeedleworkMonday is a person now. How about that!!! Thank you kindly for the lovely compliments! Yes, Steampunk Roses flew off the shelf before I could even tie the final knots. I have only one shade from The Black Lamp Collection left (see pic). It is called "Carpe Noctem" and it is the least expensive one I have. Maybe I should raise the price to make it sell! Elegance Lamps Carpe Noctem Front 2.jpg

Haaa yep #NeedleWorkMonday has a voice!!! 😄

That’s so awesome! I sure hope it sells soon!

Love your lamps. As fabulous and gorgeous lamps as always😍 I'm favor of 1920s fashion.... well I haven't got any dress but your lamps reminds me of those gorgeous flapper dresses.

Thank you so much, @naomipangolin! Several of my beaded lamps are actually made using antique flapper dresses! I buy them from auction houses, hold my breath, and take the scissors to them. I usually buy ones that have a rip or tear that causes the dress to be irreperable and cannot be worn, but is perfect for making a lampshade. :-)


So many beautiful lamps - but I still love the raven one and would also have problems to sell it. It is so magical. It is good to hear your sells are going up, it is so deserved, because you are making something special which will bring joy for many years.
With the blue lamp I am no real help... as I do not know enough about your work process (what is involved in making the lamp base). But perhaps you can postpone the decision.
It is nice to see you and Dax back

These are gorgeous, and so lovely to see, I had been wondering how you were getting on!

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You go more and more intricate with every design, now all these become great masterpieces, it's all beautiful , I am so impressed that you get your beads from even half way around the world as China! Thanks for the beautiful lamp pictures

So so beautiful @crystalize! You have been really busy! And I am loving the look of the Chinese Lantern! Can't wait to see it with the beads :)
I think you should sell it as a full lamp set, unless you can make both options? One as "shade" only and another a full lamp set. I think you can sell out both options!

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