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RE: Catching up with the #NeedleworkMonday community!

in #art4 years ago

Love catching up on what is going on. I keep updated on your sales on facebook, so that's pretty cool to see that you're getting some of them sold. They're beautiful! I like the Chinese one and the way it's coming along. Can't wait to see the final product. Yeah, I bet it is difficult to ship a lamp on a stand. Too bad they don't make them with telescoping parts so you could fit it in a much smaller box!! ;) Thanks for the update!


Thanks so much for being a Facebook follower, @apanamamama! I really do appreciate it. Yes, the Chinese one is a very new experience for me. I just LOVE that chrysanthemum pattern and the bright colors. Looks like the drop beads arrive this Friday...woot!

I saw that you go some crystals on FB! Wow!! Looks like a sparkly party!!!

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