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RE: Catching up with the #NeedleworkMonday community!

in #art4 years ago

It’s so good to see what you’ve been working on! Whoa there’s beauty all throughout this post! I shouldn’t dare because I love all of them but I have to agree with @choogirl...I’m lovin that Steempunk Rose one, it’s Gorgeously Beautiful!!

Congrats on all of your sells and I hope you continue to get them! I love the color of the Chinese one, it looks fantastic!!

Thanks so much for the update! ❤️


Well look at that...NeedleworkMonday is a person now. How about that!!! Thank you kindly for the lovely compliments! Yes, Steampunk Roses flew off the shelf before I could even tie the final knots. I have only one shade from The Black Lamp Collection left (see pic). It is called "Carpe Noctem" and it is the least expensive one I have. Maybe I should raise the price to make it sell! Elegance Lamps Carpe Noctem Front 2.jpg

Haaa yep #NeedleWorkMonday has a voice!!! 😄

That’s so awesome! I sure hope it sells soon!

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