Antique Lamp Restoration Project Finished!

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It's time to shift gears in preparation for the steampunk festival in June, so today I will share my recent project entitled "Nevermore".

Current Project - A Little Bit of Edgar Allan Poe

Making a steampunk lamp with fabric is not an easy task. Most steampunk artifacts are metal so this one took some serious creativity. I found some amazing American Raven appliques and used them as the inspiration for the lamp.

The Making Process

Imagine me jumping up and down with glee when I found this lamp base, just sitting there on Ebay! The claw, clutching a glass orb. What could be better for my "Nevermore" creation? Nothing. Nothing could have been better. I shined it up, had it rewired and picked out a frame.

For this lamp, I decided to go with a Cameo frame that I had already made into a shade that I didn't like. I tore off everything but the white liner, and started the design process. You can see here a few designs that I decided against.

There was quite a bit of material left over form a previous lamp I made from a gorgeous blood-red silk Indian Sari. I wanted this shade to be as red and black as I could possibly make it. On my last trip to Paris, I bought some amazing black silk devore (burn-out velvet) that was perfect for this creation. Given the "bird" motif, I decided to stay off of the beading ledge and instead trim the shade with real feathers--I even put some on the appliques! I had some very cool brass wings, some tiny locks and keys and other little steampunk goodies to sew onto the shade. I ended up using a black antique lace doily (which I begrudgingly cut in half), and some dotted silk mesh.

Dax felt it was important that I pulled the puckers out of the lining, so here she is supervising my work. She cracks me up! I was very lucky to have my phone sitting right next to me so I could capture this insane moment.

The Finished Lamp

Here's a few shots of the finished lamp. Looking pretty!

More angles. Woot!

Have a great week!

Happy #NeedleworkMonday, everyone!

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You are so incredibly creative and talented! Bravo!

Thank you @violetmed!! This one was a risk but I think it turned out okay. :-)

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This is just brilliant! Geez can you get any better? You amaze me every time!! 😮 I love the...oh heck EVERYTHING about this lamp, it’s so unique and dreamy!!!

Lol Dax don’t play! She is so serious about you getting every detail right! 😅

Too funy @crosheille! Yes, Dax is super serious about lampmaking. That cat cracks me up. It was hard to keep her from eating the feathers.

😂😂😂 Now that’s hilarious!!! She was probably waiting on some to fall so she could get them haaaa!!!

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Hi @crystalize. Good job. You are very talented ... Greetings

Thank you very much @jicrochet!

Wow! Turned out great, the ravens and feathers really make it a stand-out piece.

It's a crazy one! Hee hee!

That's a really cool looking shade! Very steampunkish!

Thank you so much @amberyooper!

It's wonderful, @crystalize !
The lamp is stunning when the light is off, but it looks so mysterious when the light comes on... You must feel very pleased with it 🌺

Thanks so much @cryptocariad! This one was fun to make and I do get a kick out of it!

Hi, I'm new and I discovering your great projects. Keep it up!

Thanks,@amigurumi! Stay tuned..lots more fun stuff coming.

That is BEAUTIFUL. What amazing detail!! You thought of everything :) and are seriously talented. I think the photo with the kitty eyeballing you is pretty funny, too!

Thank you @mtnmeadowmomma! This one was really fun to make!

Love it with the light shining through! That's really cool looking! Hello to Dax - great pic! The lamp is so cool and perfect for the shade!! It's amazing what you can find on eBay these days, huh???

The Lamp is a classic. You'v done quite a great job. Love it!

Thank you @dawnshree! This one was a blast to make!

You did super duper well. :)

wow !!!!! wow !!!! wow !!!! this is my favorite lamp. I am delighted!!!!! I like everything: cloth, birds, feathers !!!! the lamp is very beautiful and solemn !!!!!

Yes, @tali72, this one is dark! Goth, Steampunk and Victorian all in one. LOL I do love the red ones! I'm so glad that you like it. Thank you!

At this rate , I honestly would not know which lamp to pick as my best , but I like this one soo much yeah I've said that about your other lamps I know>
The two birds so close to each other , the glow the red gives when its on it is magnifique!
Ofcourse Dax had to be in the photo, it can't be complete without her!

Thanks, @wondermaey! Yes, I need an Official Feather Eater to help me out with this one. LOL!

I think this is the best! What a beautiful design. And there are so many myth and novels about ravens - this lamp is incredible. I love the dark colours and that you used more than simple black, but violet and the greenish shades in combination with the real feather and the metal elements - superb! This must become a prop in a dark mystery film – pleasssseeee!!!

It really does have that 1930's murder mystery feel to it, doesn't it? I hope if goes over well at the Steampunk Festival!

This will be certainly be a hit. It sooooo amazing.

Wow! Stunning! The effect from the ravens when the light is turned on is amazing! It's like watching a shadow play. Thank you for sharing @crystalize! You are very talented.

Thank you so much @marbley! This one is so much fun in a dark room!

Whoa - now this is incredible!
And of course, Inspector Dax is always a loved sight! 🤣

She is on the job! Now if I can just get her to do some marketing. Hee! Thank you for the kind complements!

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