Steemit Art gallery – Show your Art – Week #60

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Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash

Thank you to the participants of last week presentation.
Artists are building our future by interpreting our present.

Have a look at the previous week art works:

I am so happy to discover new artworks each week.
Each artist can add a link to her/his post, including a picture of her/his art work.
Please, limit yourself to one picture only.

It can be painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, poem, video, craft, scrap, jewelry, body painting, terrarium... and we will upvote them.
As the audience of the bulletin and our Steem Power rise, we will better help artists each week.

Each artist is free to produce the art her/he has inside her/himself.
Each visitor is free to like any artist art work.


Steemit arrtists can now sell their art work using Steembay

Or the Shop

I am here to bring more love into the world.
Enjoy !!

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