The Most Beautiful Buttons - buy amazing art, help send @llfarms to Steemfest!

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I own some of the most beautiful buttons in the world now! Bonus points because they are Steem art by the lovely and talented @hiddenblade, first posted right here on the Steem blockchain. Double bonus points because my button purchase helps send @llfarms to Steemfest!

buttons 2.jpg
It was next to impossible to take a good picture of the buttons because they are very glossy, trust me they look even better in person!

Learn how you can own this awesome art and help fundraise for @llfarms here:

Honestly I would treasure these buttons even if there was no Steem association. @hiddenblade is a really talented and evocative portrait photographer (and model) and every one of these images is so powerful. My wife actually claimed half of these buttons instantly after seeing them and is really excited because they are perfect presents for some of her... darker? friends.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the buttons were larger than I had pictured after reading @randomwandering's post. Here is a picture of a button in my hand with a US quarter dollar coin for scale:

button quarter.jpg

So why should I care...

Well, obviously first and foremost these are BEAUTIFUL works of art... but the cause is a great cause as well!

@llfarms is...

an amazingly helpful presence in and contributor to a diverse group of Steem communities, from Curie to MSP to Helpie and other points inbetween. I will let her tell you in her own words a little more about herself and if you don't want to sell your kidney to help her get to Steemfest after this, what is wrong with you? LOL Nah keep your kidney, but do buy the buttons!!!

@llfarms in her own words:

My Entry For The Blocktrades + Open Mic SteemFest Ticket Giveaway

Road To SteemFest Weekly Freewrite - Choices

Road To SteemFest - Three Random Facts About Me (Week 4)

Much love - Carl

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@llfarms would have amazing success in selling these to the cross stitch community! They usually remove the pins on the back and add magnets to make needle minders and I think her creations would go over insanely well in these circles!
She could make it to Steemfest in no time!


These can actually be made as magnets too! It is just a slightly different process. All of the buttons we make can be made as magnets or mirrors. It is a great option to give people at the Comic Cons and other shows we do. We do custom ones on the spot at the shows, so if they see a button they like and want it as either f the other options we can do it in just a few minutes - for the same price!

The only difference in price here would be in the shipping amount since the magnet or mirror make them a little heavier.


Oh cool that is a good suggestion :) These aren't actually @llfarms' creations, the photography is by @hiddenblade and made into buttons by @randomwanderings. Tagging them here to point out your idea :)


I’m tagging @dj123 and @idikuci because we’re ready for a fist fight.


Ok, Who do I need to fist?

Thank you Carl, you never cease to amaze me ❤️❤️❤️

Looking gooood! Glad you like the photography :D Gene made it more awesome! Thanks for buying :D <3

these are sweet! but im not a big button fan. do a magnet. im a sucker for a cool magnet.

@carlgnash nice artwork sir! I just saw one of your earlier posts, in there you were saying that you provide upvote and resteem to original posts. I dropped down a post link of mine! Do you still do that? Then it will be a great opportunity for me! stay well!