Dreaming of @haedre [Willamette Abstraction 3]

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Artificial intelligence introduced to @haedre's artwork - insanity results :) Join me on a journey to some alien landscapes. This is Alien Art. This is what happens when you task an artificial intelligence to emulate the style of one of Steem's finest artists. @haedre has an unusual vision which is expressed in his art, an infusion of flesh into robotics, a transmutation of man to machine and back again.

Previous Installments in this series:

Initial Process

willamette 15.jpg
My original photograph of the Willamette River

Every piece of art in this post started as the above macro photography of water ripples.

Hypterion II (The union) - art by @haedre, used with permission

I introduced my neural network collaborator over at the Deep Dream Generator to my friend @haedre, in the form of this cropped section of @haedre's painting Hypterion II (The union) (left). I tasked the AI to recreate the water ripples in the style of @haedre. What follows is a computer's best attempts at impersonating @haedre drawing water ripples in his inimitable crazy alien biotech style.

First Results

willamette 15 haedre1.jpg
First run

willamette 15 haedre1 mirrored.jpg
First run, rotated and mirrored

I ran the original output from the Deep Dream Generator back through on itself several times, using the same style image from @haedre's artwork each time. After several trips to dreamland and back, I mirrored the results and cropped out a section that became the new base image for the remaining abstractions in the rest of the post:

@haedre Abstraction Base

willamette 15 h2 2 mirror2 crop small.jpg

I used the above base image with quite a few different style images on trips through the Deep Dream Generator, and layered the results in PhotoShop. Until we figure out faster-than-light travel, PhotoShop and Deep Dream are a wonderful alternative route to alien landscapes :)

Alien Art

willamette 15 h2 2 mirror2 crop goodream redream.jpg
Goo Dream Redream

willamette 15 h2 2 mirror2 crop inception.jpg
Inception I

willamette 15 h2 2 mirror2 crop inception2 blockcut bw.jpg
Inception II Blockcut

willamette 15 h2 2 mirror2 crop inception3.jpg
Inception III

willamette 15 h2 2 mirror2 crop clockwork 2 bw.jpg
Clockwork II BW

willamette 15 h2 2 mirror2 crop clockwork 3.jpg
Clockwork III

willamette 15 h2 2 mirror2 crop dream doublestained.jpg
Double Stained

willamette 15 h2 2 mirror2 crop dream bluegoo.jpg
Blue Goo

willamette 15 h2 2 mirror2 crop dream goldgoo down.jpg
Gold Goo

willamette 15 haedre abstract2 1.jpg
Abstract II Dream I

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Cool results on the already awesome works of @haedre! :D


.... such iterations through the lenses of manipulations * ___ * magical~

i love the clockwork versions, so lovely~ so intricate!! the black and white one is particularly magical~ ~ ~

very cool, mr alien eye~

I like what ya do with those dreams!

That’s amazing. I love the transformation. In the clockwork set and the ones that follow, it seems like a face is emerging the center. I’ve been meaning to get this software and start dabbling in it for a long time. I’m inspired!

Seems you now mastered alien arts :)

You picked a great artist for this experiment!