Devise any Unique & Interesting Art Contest and Let me Sponsor it for YOU

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Elegance Intro:

Steemit is full of talented bloggers and Artists but support for Art community is still somewhat lagging a little. That's why i decided to build community specifically for this called @Elegance - Art platform on Steem Blockchain.


You can publish your Artwork via and there is chance of getting little more appreciation from @elegance, @appreciator, @inciter and whole Art community.

Phase 2:

As it is obvious from title of post, if you want to conduct a contest specifically in Art domain and you are looking for sponsorship then i can do it for You. Think of any creative, interesting and thought provoking contest and contact me on discord BlueMist#7648 after joining Elegance's discord server. We can discuss the contest's layout, reward etc in detail...


There are certain requirements and guidelines for sponspership

  • All the finalized contests and entries will be held under @Elegance platform and published via
  • Time duration of contest will be one week only to cater new theme for next week

If you think you have what it takes to conduct an Art contest and critique abilities then you can drop your IDEA anytime by contacting me. It does not matter if any contest is finalized for current week because i can always consider yours to be next in queue.

Special Mention:

Aprox one year ago, when i was new to Steemit community and wanted to conduct a little contest of mine but could not sponsor it enough by myself. A very kind person came and instantly supported my contest. I still remember the feeling of joy i felt at that moment, so i would like to thank him again who is none other than @ausbitbank. Souls like these really keep your spirits high and are constant reminder of existing rare Goodness.

If you want to know more about Elegance and its additional support in terms of daily curation then you can visit blog @elegance and explore following post.
Elegance - A decentralized Art community platform on Steem


View post on Elegance

A place to show your skills



Not spamming you bud (the post is almost to old to vote for)
Have an awesome contest going on right now sponsored by Steem Monsters.
There's still 5 days left to compete and was hoping you might know some people that would be interested in taking a crack at it. At it's current value on the post, the winner will get at least 50 Steem.

This project looks quite interesting, we will be happy to learn more and invite members of our artistic community to make use of the tool.

Thanks for sharing ♥

Project of creation, diffusion and artistic appreciation for the hispanic community. El Arca


You are welcome, Looking forward to collaborate...

Sounds intriguing... I really need to check out the whole @elegance concept; I see the logo in a lot of posts. Haven't paid that much attention since we're mostly here in the capacity of being an art gallery, but since I also have my own art/creativity projects... I should really inform myself more.

Thanks for promoting this!

You are welcome, looking forward to see your projects

I just started to be around elegance a month ago,I must say I love it and the idea overall

Thank you, appreciate it.

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

interested in joining the Steemit Bloggers Community?

Beautiful paintings and good technique I enjoy this post so much. what talent!
Saludos desde Venezuela (: cuando puedas visita mi steemit y ve mis pinturas.

You can try to visit

How about a contest of paintings of hands?

Sound's Intriguing...

Hands are almost as expressive as faces.

You want to discuss details?

Since I have no idea how one goes about creating a contest, I suggest an idea and would be happy if someone else put it in motion - if they find it interesting, of course.

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This is a wonderful concept here,i see a good future for young artists like me. I love art,i love contest,it helped me to even worked hard my piece. I will like to host a art contest cos i really have loads of interesting contests but i myself really lacks materials to create good and superior work. I will contact you for sponsorship once i'm able to earn myself enough steem to buy myself drawing materials.i hope it wont be late then. I will be glad if i'm actually blessed with a phillantrophist who is willing to support my art career with some steem. Cheers #elegance #bluemist

Definitely, you can drop by anytime. Looking forward to see you expand yourself grow...

Upvoted and Resteemed!

very creative idea>> is it specific for any type of art?

Hey @bluemist Do you like painting ? I like photography visit my profile.
Your painting is awesome.

Great concept - I am looking forward to the creations of art contests. I had once discussed this with others and there were some naysayers (silly arguments I won't even repeat here) but I have no problem with contests. I mean, it is not the end of the world if I don't win - the marketplace is no different. It does not mean one is a bad artist if one does not sell (or win contests) - try, try again - if you are good, eventually you will get your place in the sun.

What an excellent and generous idea! 😊


That was hilarious! Thank you so much :)

Hola como estas, me gusta mucho tu trabajo por favor sígueme para que crezcamos juntos.

Wow, following. Nice to know this blog exists.

So good of you to sponsor contests like this kudos to you

I am not sure if Photography falls under your idea of art but that’s my area of interest

I came here after a very long time. I wish Elegance lots of success. 😊

Thank you so much again, your support means a lot :)

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